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Mike Mansel, October 2013
More On Printing in China »

Peter Goodman’s article Printing in China: Is It Wise? Is It Safe? (Independent, August 2013] is brilliant. Although I deal with media liability insurance, I can report that insurance is available for publishers who do business in foreign countries and who might suffer lost profits and unbudgeted expenses as a result of an overseas printer going up …

Linda Carlson, October 2013
Spotlight: Kelly Gallagher, IBPA Board Member »

Spotlight October 2013 by Linda Carlson Closeup: Kelly Gallagher IBPA board member Kelly Gallagher has been vice president, content acquisition, at Ingram Content Group for the past year. This means he and his sales team are working with publishers, author services companies, and self-publishers—even corporations that publish such material as training guides. It’s a long …

Linda Carlson, October 2013
Endorsements, Part 2: Practical Pointers for Getting and Using Praise »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2013 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent SEE ALSO: Part 1 How important are endorsements and testimonials for selling books? That question is hard to answer, but most book industry people believe that praise from credible sources has value in getting books reviewed, accepted by wholesalers and distributors, hand-sold by booksellers, and …

Mary Ann F. Kohl, October 2013
All Aboard the Blog Tour »

All Aboard the Blog Tour or How to Promote a New Title with an Interactive Launch October 2013 by Mary Ann F. Kohl   Many authors and publishers are jumping on board the blog tour to promote their latest books because that can increase sales and make an author or publisher name highly recognizable. A …

Lin Pardey, Shel Horowitz, Dawei Dong, Sheri McGuinn, Dick Margulis, Jim Pennypacker, Gordon Burgett, Linda Watson , October 2013
What POD Can Do: Part 2 »

What POD Can Do, Part 2 October 2013 “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean,” Humpty Dumpty told Alice in Wonderland. As you’ve probably noticed, we take pretty much the same position about “POD” here in our world. Sometimes, of course, we use it to mean what its …

Martin Shepard, October 2013
How Small Publishers Can Still Sell Books »

How Small Publishers Can Still Sell Good Books October 2013 by Martin Shepard What follows is what we at The Permanent Press have learned over the past 35 years when it comes to promoting and selling books, particularly the kinds of books we usually publish. Many of the things I mention may seem self-evident, but …

Steve Gillen, October 2013
Use Source Works Safely »

Maybe it was something you saw in a magazine or at a bookstore. Maybe it was something you saw online. Maybe it was something that caught your eye in an unsolicited query letter or proposal—a good idea in poorly skilled hands. In any event, wherever you first saw it, it inspired you to develop and …

Linda Carlson, October 2013
13 Million Copies and Counting: The Free Spirit Publishing Story »

13 Million Copies and Counting: The Free Spirit Story October 2013 by Linda Carlson Judy Galbraith insists that she no longer has the energy to work the 60-hour weeks that were common when she was starting Free Spirit Publishing at age 29, but she bubbles with enthusiasm for the company’s new lines, her staff, and even …

Sylvia Binsfeld, October 2013
Adventures in Crowdfunding »

An Image that greets visitors at Adventures in Crowdfunding October 2013 by Sylvia Binsfeld I have had an unusual challenge to meet. To create a book, I first need to make a movie, and not just any type of movie—a short fantasy film, which means the expensive kind. The children’s picture books in the series …

Dave Marx, October 2013
The Title P&L for Predicting Profitability »

           The Title P&L for Predicting Profitability October 2013 by Dave Marx   Will this book make money? We all wish we could get a clear answer to that question when we’re trying to decide whether to publish a particular book. There are so many variables; how many copies can be …

Angela Bole, October 2013
Director’s Desk: Six Picks for Inspiration and Information about Publishing »

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2013 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — Last week, I received the following email from an IBPA member: “I’ve been a member with IBPA since 2009–2010, and I would like to know if there is any book you can suggest regarding ‘the business of book publishing/industry.’” It’s a great question! …

Linda Carlson, September 2013
Spotlight: Deltina Hay, Chair of IBPA’s Board »

Spotlight September 2013 by Linda Carlson   Closeup: Deltina Hay Who’s who on the IBPA board? To help you get to know the people behind the names you often see at IBPA events and in its publications, Spotlight continues its brief profiles of board members and officers. This month, we feature Deltina Hay, recently elected …

David Wogahn, September 2013
Sell More E-Books by Using All Categories Each Bookseller Allows »

When people shop on the virtual shelves of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or Kobo, chances are that they are looking for books within a specific category. Categories constitute one the most important metadata elements for every book, and using the appropriate categories is critical for discoverability of e-books in online stores. Because major online …

Joel Friedlander, September 2013
Twitter for Beginners »

                 Twitter for Beginners September 2013 by Joel Friedlander Twitter just gets bigger and bigger. It’s really the perfect medium for getting the word out quickly, making a point, poking your opponents while they are still in the middle of a speech, or complaining about NFL refs. And …

Robert Rosenwald, Mary Shafer, Rod Colvin, Shannon Okey, Dan Poynter, Eugene G. Schwartz, Matt Conmy, Marcia Breece, Devorah Fox, Corinne Kantor, Susan Wittig Albert, Peter Goodman, Mary Nickum, September 2013
What POD Can Do: Part 1 »

What POD Can Do, Part 1 Print-on-demand technology is a major driver of success for independent publishers. That conclusion stems from reports by IBPA members which also show that both relatively large, long-established publishers and brand-new, one-book publishers profit by using POD. And they show that independent publishers pioneered with POD, just as they pioneered …

Charles Kiefer and Malcolm Constable, September 2013
How to Have an Aha! Moment: The Trio Exercise Yield Insight »

We are all born with the capacity for insight, a capacity that remains with us our entire lives. Insights are those “Aha!” moments when the clouds part and the solution to your problem arises right in front of you. They happen when fresh new light is spread on a subject you’ve considered for some time. …

Steve Gillen, September 2013
The Legal Side of Endorsements and Testimonials »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2013 by Steve Gillen, Lawyer, Wood Herron & Evans Endorsements are good for business. We know this intuitively. And a 2012 article in the Journal of Advertising Research confirms it empirically in a report on a study of more than 300 endorsement deals over nearly two decades, which found that endorsements resulted in an average …

Aaron Shepard, September 2013
The Stigma of POD »

The Stigma of POD: September 2013 by Aaron Shepard Nowadays, there’s an odd belief circulating that self-publishing a book as print-on-demand will keep it out of bookstores. Actually, the opposite is true. Let’s follow Susan Self-Publisher as she visits her local Barnes & Noble, book held proudly in hand. Her mission is to convince Michael …

Joanna Penn, September 2013
How to Build an Email List »

Building your own email list from your own Website and also from a sign-up message at the back of your book will give you a way to contact fans over time when you have a new book out, and give you more control over sales. It will also help you build up a relationship with …

John Mutter, September 2013
Bookstores: the Truer, Brighter Picture »

In the rush to be part of the digital revolution in publishing, it’s easy to forget that what some dismissively call traditional publishing is still a force to be reckoned with. As several observers have pointed out, even if e-books account for more than 20 percent of books published or sold—the general estimate of e-books’ …

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