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Steven J. Phillips, July 2003
A Tale of Two Books »

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson employs scientists, researchers, educators, and specialists in everything from ichthyology and herpetology (fishes and reptiles) to botany and mineralogy. When I came to work in 1994 as the museum’s new–and first–publications manager, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the task of selecting that all-important first book topic. To narrow …

Jeff Byles, June 2003
The Tao of Small:
70,000-Odd Small Publishers Might Be Wagging the Publishing Dog »

They’re out there–all 73,000 of them–scrabbling for big publishers’ shelf-space, mucking up their mindshare. That’s the number of book publishers in the U.S., according to Bowker’s Books in Print database, and it has nearly doubled in the past decade. Blame the go-go ’90s, the dawn of dummy-proof desktop publishing, Internet ubiquity, come-one-come-all chain bookselling, and …

Pat Bell, April 2003
Who’s Really a Publisher? »

Jan Nathan’s exploration of this question (PMA Newsletter, March) led me to decide to look for an answer by doing some digging into publishing’s past.   In the Beginning Once, it was easy to get the answer to “Who’s really a publisher?” In classical times, an author or poet simply paid a scribe to make …

Jan Nathan, April 2003
Director’s DeskAt What Cost? or Does It Pay to Ignore Ingram? »

Last year just before BookExpo America, Ingram Book Company announced that smaller publishers would have to have a distributor of record in order to continue to do business through them. This year, a new contract has been sent to people defined as “Micro Publishers.” Ingram’s definition of a micro publisher is one with “less than …

Howard Fisher & Dan Siburg, January 2003
A Publisher’s Cash Management Plan: Part 4–Managing Your Inventory »

Inventory management is critical to keeping your publishing business operating smoothly and your customers happy. Inventory is usually one of a publisher’s two largest assets, the other being accounts receivable. Every company needs to manage all aspects of their inventory–from what titles and quantities to print to what it costs to carry unsold books. Publishers …

PMA Roundtable, December 2002
Sales Synergy:
What Readers Also Want »

Do PMA members boost sales of their books–and income for their companies–by selling other products and services? Do they ever! We’re sure about that now, thanks to the flood of responses to the e-mail asking, “What do you sell besides books?” During the coming months, we’ll run excerpts from as many of your reports as …

Carol Tuttle, July 2002
A Print-on-Demand to Print-on-Paper Success Story »

I published my first book with a large publishing house, and I liked having the support of a big company with sales reps in the stores. But I didn’t like having to wait on the publisher’s project list for 12-18 months, and I also didn’t like giving them the power to take my book out-of-print …

Steve O'Keefe, July 2002
John Huenefeld: Helping Mid-sized Firms Prosper »

“Publishing is a passion, but it is also a business,” John Huenefeld told me the night before a session in his honor at the Publishers Association of the West Convention. I interviewed him in the lobby of the beautiful Snowbird Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah. It was the perfect environment for a conversation about …

Dorothy Kavka, April 2002
Choosing the Best Type of Printing for Your Book »

Over the many years I have been in the publishing business, the biggest changes I have seen have been in the production and printing of books. When I started out as a production editor and free-lance artist for a major English textbook publisher, there were no computer programs on which to write, design, or typeset …

Mitchell Davis, January 2002
De-Bunking the Myths of Author-Initiated Publishing »

Authors who choose to utilize Print on Demand to make their books available to readers should not be labeled “vain” in the sense the slur is often used in the industry. Perhaps I am naive, but it seems that any effort to place a work into the public space involves some vanity. Writers seeking to …

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