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Erin Johnson, January 2004
Steps You Can Take to Save Trees »

PMA publishers who want to be environmentally responsible in their production choices can now get help from Green Press Initiative (GPI). GPI is a nonprofit program dedicated to preserving ancient forests and natural resources by helping U.S. book publishers maximize their use of post-consumer recycled paper and phase out their use of paper composed of …

Gordon Burgett, December 2003
Open Wider: A Success Story About Broadening a Tiny Niche »

Thanks to a manuscript for pediatric dentists, I had a chance to put my own theory from Publishing to Niche Markets to the test, and I am happy to report on how it worked. We knew we had a wee market for Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists (at most 3,800), but the writer, Marsha …

Marshall Masters, November 2003
Jenny’s Digital Book Nook:
A Prediction Disguised as a Story »

Stranger than Fiction This fictional account set in the future is based on present-day fact. Although I invented the term On Time Publishing, a system like the one described in the story is now operational. It’s a retail POD-type system invented by InstaBook founder Victor Celorio. The first InstaBook brick-and-mortar retail outlet is now open …

Robin Bartlett, November 2003
The Matrix Method for Working Large Trade Shows »

If you’ve ever attended a large publishing or educational trade show in the U.S. or Europe, you realize how difficult and frustrating it can be to make good use of your time and accomplish sales objectives, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the turf. You know there are people out there on the exhibit floor who …

Don Tubesing, October 2003
President’s Report: Plans & Projects for the Year Ahead »

I’m pleased to report that PMA is in great shape. At the first meeting of the new fiscal year, held in August, the Board of Directors welcomed new members, reviewed the status of current PMA programs, reassigned committee responsibilities, and set priorities for the next 12 months. By every measure, PMA continues to do an …

Dorothy Molstad, October 2003
The Ripple Effect: Sell Books by "Throwing Rocks" »

I firmly believe that you should always start a book campaign in your own backyard pond, regardless of the topic, theme, or focus of the book. Use your local connections and grow from there. Remember that rocks thrown into a pond will create ripples that can reach faraway shores.   Plunk the Rocks into These …

Marshall Masters, October 2003
An e-Book Odyssey:
What I Learned When I Published My Own First Novel »

As a computer industry professional for more than 20 years, I’ve helped a wide range of industries struggle through the computer software adoption process. During these years, I have been able to maintain a professional distance from the glares of those who were about to become automated. They would stare at me as though I …

Marian Coe, September 2003
Publishing Novels: Why I Like My Way »

When I left my newspaper job at the St. Petersburg Times to try a second career as a fiction writer, I decided not to wait for New York’s conglomerate-owned publishers to recognize me as a novelist. As a journalist attending writers’ workshops, I knew the facts of publishing life. It could take years, and luck, …

Alan N. Canton, September 2003
Now We Are Engaged in a Great War: Publishers and the Patriot Act »

I dreamt last night that I was giving a speech to a large assemblage of publishers at the PMA-U luncheon on the issue of the Patriot Act. This law gives the federal government the power to coerce publishers and librarians to hand over lists of book buyers or borrowers. Here is what I had to …

Pete Masterson and Anthony Thompson, August 2003
Page Design 101 »

At its most basic, the publishing process entails three steps: Write book. Print book. Sell book. Our focus here is on an all-important set of activities between (1) and (2) that will affect (3) for good or for ill–namely, page design (size and arrangement) and typography.   Selecting a Size Page design begins with choosing …

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