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Bob Adjemian, March 2005
Tactics for Managing Your Baker & Taylor Account »

Today I received a check for over $3,000 from Baker & Taylor. Normally that would be good news for a small press like ours. B&T is one of our best customers. But it is also the most problematic. After many years, I think I have cracked much of the code that governs the way its …

Jen Linck, February 2005
Is Working with a Distributor Right for You? »

A master distributor acts as your sales force and fulfillment center. Many people confuse distributors with wholesalers, often using the terms as if they were interchangeable. But there are important differences between wholesalers such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor and master distributors such as NBN, Biblio, BookWorld, Consortium, IPG, and PGW. Here are the …

PMA Roundtable, October 2004
Selling On Site:
Reports on What Works, Part 2 »

The Springboarding Strategy We’ve paid for our Web site for years by offering what we call “affiliated titles pages.” We started out with two novels about women pirates, so we put up some informational pages about pirates, then a page (tied to Amazon) listing books about piracy. We sold the general pirate books in a …

Danny O. Snow, September 2004
Bringing Out-of-Print Books Back to Life »

Now that new production methods offer the option of tiny print runs, it’s relatively easy for publishers to resurrect out-of-print books by using print-on-demand (POD), digital short-run printing, or even traditional offset. Of course, the fact that something is technologically possible doesn’t mean that it’s financially profitable, but when the books have enduring appeal for …

Contributions from PMA members, August 2004
Amazon Experiences
A PMA Roundtable »

In her recent e-mail to members, Jan Nathan shared one publisher’s troubling report about Amazon and asked whether other publishers had had similar experiences. Here’s what started the discussion: Recently a member contacted us and told us that a pirated copy of his book is being sold on the site as a used book. …

Robert M. Wharton and Albert N. Greco, July 2004
Small and Independent Publishers: An Analysis of Sales Data »

During the fall and winter of 2003, we worked with PMA on a study of small and independent book publishers designed to determine net publishers’ revenues and units for 2002 for selected companies in this segment of our industry, which is estimated to consist of approximately 80,000 firms. The goals of the study were to: …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA, June 2004
Director’s Desk
Kudos, Kudos »

Listed within the pages of this issue are the winners of and the finalists for the 2004 Benjamin Franklin Awards. Making the list of finalists is an incredible feat. The judges tell us that the quality of books has increased so much over the years that it becomes more and more difficult to choose just …

Don Tubesing, February 2004
What PMA’s Standards Statement Can Do for You »

During the past year, the PMA board of directors has been working to craft a statement that defines standards for the independent book publishing industry. The driving need was to provide a way to distinguish professionally published books from products that may look like books but are not supported by the principles and processes essential …

Jerry Labriola, February 2004
Library Tours: How to Set Them Up and What They Can Do for You »

Conducting a regional library tour is one of the least appreciated ways to sell books and gain crucial exposure at the same time. If you live in a small state, the tour might include most of its libraries. If your state is too large for that, confine your visits to a manageable geographical area. The …

Roberta Gale, January 2004
What Makes a Guest Great? Tips from Talk Show Pros »

If you’re interested in promoting a book on radio or TV shows, you’ve probably watched or listened to hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews over the course of your life. But how many of those interviews truly stand out? If you’re lucky, perhaps a handful. If you’re very lucky, perhaps a larger handful. The point …

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