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Curt Matthews, September 2010
More Can Be Less: A No Vote on Enhanced E-books »

      BOARD MEMBER’S CORNER More Can Be Less: A No Vote on Enhanced E-books by Curt Matthews My information technology–savvy sons, and the geek community in general, love to get a rise out of me by suggesting that a rectangle of text on a page or on an e-reader is a dead fish, …

Curt Matthews, May 2010
Four Really Bad Ideas About Electronic Publishing That Are Finally Going Away »

      Four Really Bad Ideas About Electronic Publishing That Are Finally Going Away by Curt Matthews 1.  Information Wants to Be Free. Not being a person, information cannot want anything at all. Consumers would like valuable things to be free, but they have not been and will never be. The boy geniuses used …

Curt Matthews, October 2009
What Should an E-book Cost? »

      What Should an E-book Cost? by Curt Matthews What the general public thinks it knows about the economics of book publishing is almost always wrong. Bestseller rejected by 15 major publishers before one small house takes a chance on a genius and sells 100,000 copies. It has happened, but most manuscripts make …

Linda Carlson, November 2008
Outsourcing That Ties In with Growth »

      Outsourcing That Ties In with Growth by Linda Carlson Profit: that’s what businesses are all about. You get higher profit in one of three ways: you sell more at your current margin, you sell the same amount at a higher margin—or you do both. Doing both is, of course, ideal, but it’s …

Curt Matthews, May 2008
Don’t Be Fooled by the 80/20 Rule »

      Don’t Be Fooled by the 80/20 Rule by Curt Matthews Hard-headed business people love to talk about the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your sales usually come from 20 percent of your customers, or 20 percent of your products. It follows from this insight that serious players pay much more attention (mathematically, …

Curt Matthews, June 2006
Truth or Consequences »

Curt Matthews (photo right) is CEO of Independent Publishers Group and Chicago Review Press, Inc. Some years ago, a tourist wandering around a huge wine-storage facility in Bordeaux discovered a sign on a section of it that said “Good Enough for America.” When this discovery hit the news, American wine consumers were outraged, and the consequences for the French …

Curt Matthews, January 2006
Small Orders Are Escalating »

The received wisdom in our industry is that the small accounts hardly matter any more because they can no longer compete with the big-box stores and Internet retailers. From this, it should follow that the ability to process the small orders that small customers typically generate is becoming less important.   And this was indeed …

Kent Sturgis, January 2006
Opportunities and Challenges in 2006 »

PMA members were asked recently to share their thinking about 2006. What opportunities and challenges will the new year bring? What initiatives are planned? How will innovation and change affect us?   Here’s what I learned from the roughly 75 responses:   The newer publishers are the most optimistic, and this reminded me again that …

Curt Matthews, July 2005
Managing New Technology »

Very few people go into the publishing business because of their love for high-speed technological change. And yet here we are in a field that has been a leader in using new computer applications for several decades, and that is now experiencing a rate of change that is dizzying. I have devoted much of my …

Jenny McCune, May 2005
The B&T Story: "Slowest Payer in Publishing" Speeds Up »

“Slowest payer in publishing” is a nickname that publishers have often applied to Baker & Taylor, but thanks to the efforts of PMA, payments are speeding up. Things came to a head toward the end of February. More and more PMA members were complaining to executive director Jan Nathan about payments from the largest distributor …

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