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Patricia Witkin, June 2006
Protect Yourself from Bogus Reviewers »

Protect Yourself from Bogus Reviewers June 2006 Patricia Witkin   Just as online anonymity inspires some individuals to post comments they’d never utter in person, Internet technology encourages baser tendencies toward theft. Email and the Internet allow people to pretend to be what they are not. The ease and virtually cost-free nature of email also …

How Big Should the First Printing Be? »

  PMA members who responded to a blast about first print runs were—as you’ll see—generally in agreement about two things: it’s smart to start small, and there’s no surefire way to determine the best number, even for second and later printings. Definitions of “small” vary, though, and so do the factors that publishers recommend taking …

Pat Arnold, March 2006
Marketing Margaret Mouse: The Adventures of a Great-Grandmother Turned Publisher »

Never give up on your dreams! I didn’t. I have twelve grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and I created my own company to publish my children’s books in 2005.   I had written five stories about <span class=95StoneSerifIt>The Adventures of Margaret Mouse many years before, and then, a few years ago, I was introduced to a …

Lars Clausen, November 2005
Choose Your Best Web Site Setup »

This year, for the first time, the global Internet user population will top 1 billion people. In today’s world, publishers who are smart about setting up their Web sites can reap marketing and promotion rewards for themselves and their authors while saving hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.   The three most important criteria for …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA, September 2005
What You Can Do with Awards »

Each year we wonder what really happens after someone wins a Benjamin Franklin Award and/or any other award. How does the award affect the overall publishing program for the winner?   Now we’ve asked our previous award winners to respond to these questions, and I hope you find the answers as enlightening as we did. …

Ken Wachsberger, September 2005
Parlaying a Kind Word into a Major Textbook Sale »

That first big textbook sale, the one that earns you a chair at the big publishers’ table, requires patience. Hang in there. As the author of <span style=’font-size:11.0pt’>Transforming Lives, a composition textbook for grades 9–12 and first-year college, I made sales at the college level immediately just by talking to colleagues and peers and giving …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA, July 2005
DIRECTOR’S DESK: The Great Do-Over, Part 2 »

As I confessed last month, I was usually afforded one “do-over” by my understanding family when I goofed as a child. Keeping that thought in mind, I asked our members what they would do over in their publishing lives if they had the chance. Emails poured in. Last month I presented some, and there were …

Dan Poynter, June 2005
Discussion Groups for Publishers »

Pub-Forum. One of the oldest lists. Pub-Forum is unmoderated and populated by experienced publishers. This is where the characters of book publishing hang out. Comments sometime get off-topic. Newbies are welcome as long as they have read at least one book on publishing and know the bare-bones basics of the industry (like how to get …

PMA Round Table, May 2005
Doing Business with Baker & Taylor »

PMA members’ reports on dealing with Baker & Taylor can be categorized under three headings that have to do with getting paid: 1. It’s always a hassle, and occasionally (at least so far) impossible. 2. It can be a hassle, but persistence, careful processing, and certain ground rules will work. 3. It isn’t a problem …

Robin Bartlett, March 2005
Three Reasons to Keep Coming Back: An Overview of PMA University 2005 »

About eight years ago, as a new member of the PMA board of directors, I was enlisted by Jan Nathan to organize the PMA University. Back then, the program took two days, consisted of 45 courses and a banquet, and drew about 250 to 300 attendees. The 2005 program features 70 courses over three days, …

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