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Patricia L. Fry, April 2007
To Be a Better Public Speaker »

    To Be a Better Public Speaker   by Patricia L. Fry   Authors often engage in public speaking to promote their books. But not all authors are prepared and trained for this activity. And some authors don’t want to participate.   There are authors who:   ·      are absolute naturals in the public-speaking realm …

Linda Carlson, April 2007
Quill Driver Succeeds with the Eyedropper Approach »

content=”Judy, here’s a few quick notes and answers to most of your questions”>     BUILDING THE BUSINESS   Quill Driver Succeeds with the Eyedropper Approach   by Linda Carlson   What does it take to snag the top spot at Get a book on the <span style=’font-size:11.0pt’>New York Times bestseller list? And have …

Genene Miller Coté, February 2007
Today’s e-Book Hardware Options »

      STATUS REPORT   Today’s e-Book Hardware Options   by Genene Miller Coté   On my computer I keep a log of all the books I read. My annual average is 102, so you can see that I love to read. Notice that the list is on my computer? That is because my …

A PMA ROUNDTABLE, February 2007
Books with Long Lives »

content=”I have 5 or 6 books that keep selling for many years, but Who Killed Virginia Woolf”>I have 5 or 6 books that keep selling for many years, but Who Killed Virginia Woolf     A PMA ROUNDTABLE   Books with Long Lives   Sometimes books from independent publishers run like the hare. More characteristically, …

Reid Goldsborough, January 2007
Really Simple Syndication »

    SAVVY COMPUTING   Really Simple Syndication   by Reid Goldsborough   Imagine having just the information you need delivered to you as soon as it becomes available. That’s always been the Holy Grail of the Information Age.   Since the Internet became the Internet, people have tried to come up with better ways …

Sarah Bolme, December 2006
Book Previews: A New Promotion Possibility »

    Book Previews: A New Promotion Possibility by Sarah Bolme   Imagine sitting in a move theater waiting for the feature presentation. As the previews play, one catches your attention and draws you in. You think, “I’ve got to see this movie,” only to discover that it’s not a preview for a movie, but …

Robin Bartlett and Brian Jud, December 2006
What’s New for You at PMA-U »

    What’s New for You at PMA-U   by Robin Bartlett and Brian Jud   The 2007 PMA University, to be held in New York City on May 29 through May 31, will feature more than 100 book industry experts and more than 70 courses to help you succeed in independent publishing—and half of …

Debbie Weil, November 2006
Your Book Blog: 10 Practical Tips »

      Your Book Blog: 10 Practical Tips   by Debbie Weil   1. Just do it. As soon as a plan to publish your book is in place, start your book blog with <span class=95StoneSerifIt> ($4.95 a month) or (free). Worry about the details later. Just get it going!   2. Grab …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, PMA, October 2006
What Is a Publisher? And Why You Might Not Count as One »

As we move into fall and interact with many different marketing and awards programs on behalf of our publisher members, we keep running into something exceedingly frustrating. I know I have already written about what a publisher really is, but I think we need to discuss this one more time.   Throughout the year, people …

Linda Carlson, September 2006
Ancient Languages, Modern Strategies for Success: The Gorgias Growth Story »

Combine a computer scientist and a chemistry doctoral candidate with a dot-com severance package and a mutual passion for obscure languages, add guts and ingenuity, and what do you have?   You have Gorgias Press, a Piscataway, NJ, scholarly publisher that’s gone from zero publications and zero payroll to a backlist of 350 titles, 70 …

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