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María Jesús Rojas, Elisa Yuste, José Antonio Vázquez, and Javier Celaya, July 2015
Selling Direct Around the World »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Maria Jesus Rojas, Elisa Yuste, Jose Antonio Vasquez, & Javier Celaya Direct selling, also known as the B2C model, is defined as selling products directly to consumers without the intervention of distributors or other intermediaries. In the 1800s, manufacturers discovered that they could sell directly to customers through catalogs. In the …

Rhonda Rees, July 2015
My Battle with Pirates »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Rhonda Rees, Publicist Late one evening, shortly after I self-published Profit and Prosper with Public Relations®: Insider Secrets to Make You a Success, I decided to run a Google search for it—and there it was, staring me right in the face. My book, along with hundreds of others, was being given …

Joel Friedlander, July 2015
E-Book Update Nitty-Gritty »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Joel Friedlander, Book Designer Do you issue updates on your e-books—making minor corrections, additions, or deletions in the version already published, and then uploading the updated file so that anyone who purchased the book can get the new version free? There are a lot of good reasons to consider updating an …

Brenda Avadian, July 2015
Should You Exhibit at Trade Shows? »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Brenda Avadian, Founder, North Star Books People often ask whether it’s worthwhile to exhibit at a trade or association show such as BookExpo America, the Frankfurt Book Fair, or the American Library Association convention. “Worth” often refers to the cost of exhibiting, which can range from $150 for display of a …

Joseph Esposito, July 2015
A New Metaphor for Better Marketing »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Joseph Esposito, President, Processed Media To be a good marketer in the current environment is not easy, in part because the number of options is so vast that no one can take advantage of them all, and in part because some of the new venues are hard to understand and integrate …

IBPA Members, July 2015
Success by Meaningful Measures »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 Plenty of big numbers pop up when you ask independent publishers about their most successful titles. Sales figures in the millions and the hundreds of thousands appeared in our 2011 four-part series on bestselling books, for example (to read about them, search via Independent magazine at ibpa-online.org). And you’ll see books with …

Linda Carlson, August 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 5: Promotion Opportunities and Issues (2 of 3) »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the fifth in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. This is the fifth in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market” about using the …

Angela Bole, June 2015
Director’s Desk: An Exuberant Awards Album »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association During this year’s IBPA Publishing University in Austin, TX, I had the great privilege of honoring some of the best books of 2014 at the annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards™ ceremony. What a fantastic time! I was able to announce the best books in …

Deb Vanasse, June 2015
The Leap: Growing from One Book to Many »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Deb Vanasse, Founder, Running Fox Books It begins with one person, one vision, one book—a book that flourishes with a press that knows how to make the most of the strengths that come with being small. Building on that single success, the vision expands, and with it the press. As IBPA …

Jim Milliot, June 2015
Keeping Count: What Industry Statistics Do and Don’t Reveal »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Jim Milliot, Editorial Director, Publishers Weekly It is a cliché by now to say that the book publishing industry is in the midst of a profound transition. But there is no doubt that the rise of digital publishing and bookselling has had a permanent effect on the industry. And while most …

Belinda Pollard, June 2015
Using Feedback to Choose a Cover Design »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Belinda Pollard, Owner, Small Blue Dog Publishing When I posted an article on my blog about whether or not to use images of people on book covers, I also displayed two alternative covers for my upcoming novel Poison Bay—one with a person on it and one without. What happened next alerted …

Kimberly A. Edwards, June 2015
The Volunteering Value Proposition »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Kimberly A. Edwards, freelance writer “I call it face time,” says Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices, president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. “People see me leading and helping, and hopefully over time, building confidence.” Ted Witt of Pretty Road Press calls it opportunity. “Pitching in with time …

Paula Rizzo, June 2015
Use Lists to Be More Successful »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Paula Rizzo, Senior Health Producer, Fox News Channel Through my blog about lists, I’ve learned that CEOs, managers, and directors in a wide range of industries use them. And I’ve learned that different techniques work best for different people. So, as you consider the techniques outlined below, also consider how you …

Mike Shatzkin, June 2015
Amazon: Friend or Foe? A Simple Question with a Complicated Answer »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Mike Shatzkin, Founder & CEO, The Idea Logical Company When I was invited to join a discussion entitled “Amazon: Friend or Foe” in connection with this year’s London Book Fair, I thought first about three ways Amazon has profoundly changed our industry. Although just about every publisher has headaches dealing with …

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, June 2015
Seven Must-Ask Questions for Any Negotiation »

PUBLISHED JUNE 2015 by Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, author The word negotiation often calls up a mental picture of a big boardroom table with people on opposite sides arguing over a multimillion-dollar deal. But we negotiate every single day in every area of our lives, both personally and professionally. Think about negotiating salaries, services, deadlines, and …

Linda Carlson, July 2015
Marketing Whatever You Have to Market, Part 4: Promotion Opportunities and Issues (1 of 3) »

PUBLISHED JULY 2015 by Linda Carlson, Reporter, IBPA Independent magazine — This is the fourth in a series of articles under the headline “Marketing Whatever You Have to Market.” Access the full series here. Product, price, place (sales channels), and promotion are the “four Ps” that business school professors introduced as the “marketing mix” almost …

Angela Bole, May 2015
Director’s Desk: Guided by Why »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association I’ve been thinking about how we make decisions. Do you take a chance on a new business partner? Do you move across country for a new job? If you’ve only been self-publishing, is now the time to start taking on books by others? If …

Cathi Stevenson, May 2015
Book Cover Trends »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Cathi Stevenson, Owner, Book Cover Express — “There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts,” Mr. Brownlow observed in Oliver Twist. Back in Oliver Twist’s time, book cover content usually consisted of little more than the title and the author’s name on a plain …

Aaron Shepard, May 2015
Pointers on Readings for Kids »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Aaron Shepard, self-publisher Authors of children’s books have many opportunities to read their stories, and children love to hear them. If you can bring your stories to life, you unlock their potential for young listeners—and perhaps the potential of reading in general. You are living proof that reading is not boring. …

Crystal Patriarche, May 2015
Five Things to Do When Hiring a Publicist »

PUBLISHED MAY 2015 by Crystal Patriarche, President, SparkPoint Studio Hiring a publicity person or firm can be scary. It’s expensive; there’s no guarantee of results; and the situation often feels elusive and out of your control—as if there’s some magic formula or secret, and you are not in on it. To give your book its …

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