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Linda Carlson, November 2010
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

MEMBERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT APPLAUSEFORAN AUDIO BOOK “Don’t skimp anywhere” if you’re creating your own audiobooks, advises Amy Friedman, whose Los Angeles-based Friedman & Danziger was honored for Tell Me a Story 3: Women of Wonder, the only audiobook from an independent publisher to receive an Audie Award this year. “Every single aspect of production …

Linda Carlson, November 2010
A Crash Course in Accounting Basics »

      A Crash Course in Accounting Basics by Linda Carlson How do I know if I’m making money? Established publishing companies have finance experts who are responsible for answering that question in various ways at regular intervals. But micropublishers and self-publishers—including those starting out without a background in accounting or finance—may need to …

Neil Levin, November 2010
Ten Tips for Web Site Success Today and Tomorrow »

      Ten Tips for Web Site Success Today and Tomorrow by Neil Levin Does one of these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve been publishing for eight years, and your first Web site went up in 2003. You keep tacking on static pages and functionality one bit at a time. Every few months, some new …

Dane Batty, October 2010
Pearls from Publishing University »

      Pearls from Publishing University by Dane Batty I am a new publisher who could be called a self-publisher, but I like to call myself a micro-publisher. It has better connotations. With my first book scheduled for release one month after Publishing University, I was excited to hear that I’d been awarded a …

Linda Carlson, October 2010
Chunking, Part 2: Rights and Apps for Bits and Pieces »

Linda Carlson (photo right) — writes from Seattle for IBPA’s Independent magazine each month. Found money. That’s one way to describe content that you sell more than once. “Chunking, and Other New Ways to Get More from What You’ve Got” (September) focused on how independent publishers are repackaging material they have already published, or …

Aaron Shepard, October 2010
My Lightning Source System for Self-Publishing Profit »

      My Lightning Source System for Self-Publishing Profit by Aaron Shepard Based on my own experience with Lightning Source, which goes back to 1998—only about a year after the company’s founding, when it was still called Lightning Print—it remains the prime choice for most modern self-publishers determined to maximize profit. I have no …

Linda Carlson, September 2010
Spotlight: IBPA Member Achievements »

MEMBERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT VIDEOSAND POPUPSAND SLIDESHOWS, OH, MY! Interweave Press sold “a few thousand” units of its $14.97 e-mag, Quilting Arts in Stitches, within two weeks of introducing this downloadable digital product in late June. Described as a new means of offering inspiration, instructions, and tools, this e-mag “sews together” articles, videos, patterns, images, …

Carlene Sippola, July 2010
Responding to Changes and Challenges »

      FROM THE BOARD ROOM by Carlene Sippola CHAIR, IBPA BOARD Responding to Changes and Challenges I recently gave the “State of the Association” address at our annual meeting, held during Publishing University 2010 in New York. I want to share what I said with those who were not in attendance. I began …

Controlling Returns, Part 3 »

      AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE Controlling Returns, Part 3 Although this is the last installment of our current series about returns, it surely won’t be the last word on the subject as long as returns continue to undermine profits. Probably, publishers won’t find a way to abolish returns across the board soon (or maybe …

Donn LeVie, Jr., July 2010
Niche Publisher Makes Triple Play »

      Niche Publisher Makes Triple Play by Donn LeVie, Jr. How would you like to be able to create three nonfiction book projects from one idea? I just did, and I’m working on all of them right now (as well as promoting two other books). Since the scenario may work for other publishers …

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