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Linda Carlson, April 2010
Desperately Seeking Good Data, Part 1: Why, How, and What Booksellers Need You to Tell Them »

      INDUSTRY STANDARDS Desperately Seeking Good Data: Why, How, and What Booksellers Need You to Tell Them by Linda Carlson Especially if you’re new to publishing, you may be familiar with ISBN but bewildered by industry terms like BISAC, ONIX, EAN, imprints, and edition type. And no matter how long you’ve been in …

Linda Carlson, October 2008
AdWords and Other Marketing Opportunities That Search Engines Offer »

      AdWords and Other Marketing Opportunities That Search Engines Offer by Linda Carlson For most publishers, an online presence is a key component in the marketing program. Besides developing a Web site of your own, and getting it visible on search engine listings, there are many other opportunities for online promotion. And, believe …

Florrie Binford Kichler, August 2007
President’s Report: Thank You, Jan »

 PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Florrie Binford Kichler   Thank You, Jan “Can I help you?” Nearly 10 years ago, a wannabe publisher from Indiana without a company but with a dream, I attended my first Publishing University. Now that dream is a business, thanks to the encouragement, guidance, and support of the lively woman with the …

Judith Appelbaum, December 2015
How-To Highlights »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2015 by Judith Appelbaum, Editor, IBPA Independent Search for “how-to” in the trove of Independent articles available on the IBPA site and you’ll get 2,221 results, with an implicit message screaming, “Refine your search!” How you refine it will obviously vary, depending on what publishing activity you want help with at any particular time. …

Deb Vanasse, September 2015
Productive Author/Publisher Relationships, Part 1: Tactics for Building Effective Teams »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2015 by Deb Vanasse, IBPA Independent staff reporter No publisher would deny the importance of authors—without them, there would be no products, no inventory, and no sales. Managing smaller lists than the Big Five houses, independent publishers are well-positioned to add value to their businesses by building mutually satisfying relationships with the people …

Linda Carlson, February 2015
Getting E-books Into Libraries: What Librarians Want and Vendors Offer »

Say “e-books” and “libraries,” and independent book publishers are quick to express frustration. OverDrive dominates e-book distribution to libraries, and many small publishers struggle to get this vendor to sell their titles. Independent publishers also face two other obstacles when marketing e-books: Few libraries buy direct from publishers. Few libraries buy e-only titles. Discouraged? Here …

Angela Bole, November 2014
Director’s Desk: Celebrating Judith Appelbaum »

At IBPA, we celebrate our community members’ ability and willingness to help each other achieve and succeed. There is strength in numbers and together your voices resonate with a passion and commitment to independent publishing that is inspiring to hear. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the pages of this magazine, IBPA’s Independent. …

Linda Carlson, November 2014
Outsourcing Distribution of Book Publicity »

Getting information to the media has always been an involved process, starting with determining which media might be interested, and unearthing contact information for the appropriate editors, producers, and writers. Once they had their lists, publishers and authors used to mail catalogs, sell sheets, and releases to promote new titles and events, but that’s so …

Linda Carlson, June 2014
POD Problem-Solving: Part 2 »

When I emailed IBPA members to ask about experiences with print-on-demand, and posted a similar query on industry LinkedIn sites, hundreds of you responded—with recommendations that make sense for all of us, whether we’re new to POD or new to all of publishing. Last month, the first part of this series discussed pre-press options and …

Linda Carlson, May 2014
Spotlight: Janice Schnell Butler, IBPA Board Member »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, Washington. She can be reached at IBPA board member Janice Schnell Butler (photo right) is a content acquisition sales manager for Ingram Content, which means she works with publishers of all sizes and all genres on print-on-demand and e-publishing. Her job includes determining what publishers …

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