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Linda Carlson, July 2011
The Bard Press Big Sales Backstory »

      BUILDING THE BUSINESS The Bard Press Big Sales Backstory by Linda Carlson When Ray Bard said, “I’m a marketer disguised as a publisher,” I knew we were in sync. When he went on to say that working with authors requires both the skills of a drill sergeant and the skills of a …

Linda Carlson, October 2006
Horrors! A Roundup of Lessons Learned the Hard Way »

Feel like a scary story for the Halloween season? PMA members have so many to share that you won’t need Edgar Allan Poe or an old Vincent Price movie. The bad news is that our publishers’ nightmares aren’t fiction; the good news is that all of us—regardless of the size of our companies—can learn from …

Reid Goldsborough, August 2005
Is It Time to Switch to Open-Source Software? »

The personal computer revolution is all about freedom of choice, but, ironically, software companies typically try to control what you do. You don’t buy a program, you license it. You can use it on only one computer or on a specified number of computers. You can’t modify its source code.   As a reaction to …

Reid Goldsborough, May 2005
SAVVY COMPUTING – In Search of Answers »

Since the advent of computers more than a half century ago, the Holy Grail has been an intelligent machine that provides just the answers you’re looking for. This quest was dramatized with HAL, the soft-spoken fictional computer in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The latest effort in this direction is from a company with …

Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, December 1998
Is The Sky Falling? »

Merger Mania Even by the standards of the last 10 years, an extraordinary series of takeovers occurred in the early days of November-certainly from the viewpoint of my own history in publishing. My first publishing company had long since disappeared into the academic publisher Routledge. Now Routledge itself was taken over by the venerable English …

John B. McHugh, August 1996
The Best Books on Publishing Law and Book Contracts »

As a publisher, you need to understand publishing law. If your publishing responsibility is new author/book acquisitions, a working knowledge of book contracts is essential to your success. To provide you with a working knowledge of publishing law and book contracts, I recommend seven books I have found valuable. Each of these books should be …

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