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Lauren Klouda, April 2014
Marketing in the eBook Era »

Doing my job means fighting for shelf space for digital books. Yes, this is necessary even though the space is virtual. In fact, the whole process of marketing e-books is very similar to the whole process of marketing printed books, as I’ve seen in my role as digital marketing manager for Independent Publishers Group. Despite …

Curt Matthews, January 2014
The Secret of Our Success: Chicago Review Press »

The publishing company that my wife, Linda, and I started 40 years ago recently had an anniversary party for itself, its authors, and for the Chicago media. In its first year, 1973, Chicago Review Press published two titles. Now we publish 60 to 65 titles per year, and in the 2013 calendar year we sold …

Chris Matthews, August 2013
Niches, Pseudoniches, and New Niches »

  Niches, Pseudoniches,                  and New Niches   August 2013 by Curt Matthews   To begin at the beginning, what exactly is a publishing niche? It is one of the “20 Habits of Successful Independent Publishers” (as mentioned in my article with that title, available via, and defining it negatively, even if that is not …

Curt Matthews, October 2012
20 Habits of Successful Independent Publishers »

  20 Habits of Successful Independent Publishers October 2012 by Curt Matthews   Over the years, my work at IPG has given me experience with more than 500 different indie publishing companies ranging in size from very small to quite large. Also, I have been an independent publisher, having founded Chicago Review Press, now a prosperous …

Florrie Binford Kichler, September 2012
President’s Post: A 20-Year Salute to Terry Nathan »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2012 by Florrie Binford Kichler, Executive Director, Independent Book Publishers Association — Amazon referred to a river in South America. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were undergrad students, and the term googol meant “a 1 with 100 zeroes after it.” The Sony Data Discman, an electronic book reader that could read books stored on CDs, was …

Curt Matthews, June 2012
Market Shares: Where the Danger Lies »

Market Shares: Where the Danger Lies by Curt Matthews   How much of the total market for books is controlled by the Big Six publishers? I have not seen any sort of figure, hypothesis, or guess in any article or blog about this question, but recently I went in search of information about how dominant …

Curt Matthews & Mike Shatzkin, July 2011
E-book “Sales” and Splits »

In “Why You Can’t Actually Sell an E-book” (May), Mike Shatzkin argues that e-books are really licenses rather than physical objects, and should therefore be treated like the other license-like elements typically found in a publisher/author agreement—serial rights, book clubs, paperbacks (I assume Shatzkin means mass market paperbacks), and so forth. He certainly is right …

Curt Matthews, June 2011
E-book Scenarios That Probably Won’t Happen »

      E-book Scenarios That Probably Won’t Happen by Curt Matthews •Authors will succeed in selling their books directly to readers without any need for publishers, booksellers, wholesalers, or distributors. Not very often. All the traditional players in the book business will continue to perform essential functions for e-books just as they have for …

Florrie Binford Kichler, February 2011
PRESIDENT’S POST – An Evolved Distribution Solution »

The questions we receive most often at the IBPA office concern distribution—how to get it; what companies provide it; is it really needed in the e-era? The article that follows, sent by former IBPA Board President Curt Matthews, the CEO of Independent Publishers Group, covers some of the challenges smaller publishers have historically faced in …

Curt Matthews, October 2010
E-books and the Independent Publisher »

      E-books and the Independent Publisher by Curt Matthews Many participants involved in independent-press publishing have by now built good careers and successful companies by keeping clearly in mind what they can do really well versus what the big corporate publishing conglomerates can do. Successful independent publishing is about niche titles, moderate author …

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