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Books That Sell Best »

      AN IBPA ROUNDTABLE Books That Sell Best In this era of instant, atomized information, it can be especially important to focus on carefully contextualized words with staying power—the kind you find in books that attract readers year after year and sometimes decade after decade. This series celebrates books from independent publishers that …

Florrie Binford Kichler, June 2011
PRESIDENT’S POST – A Modest Proposal for Taming the Mainstay of Modern Technology Known As Email »

      PRESIDENT’S POST by Florrie Binford Kichler PRESIDENT, IBPA Unsung Heroes: Farewell and Hail to Board Members Who’s your hero? When asked that question, many people respond with the name of somebody famous like Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, or Amelia Earhart. Certainly no one can deny that they, along with numerous others who fill …

Joel Friedlander, May 2011
Managing Book Printing Estimates, Part 1: Learn the Language »

Although e-book formats, POD, and digital printing generally get much more attention from the media, most books are still produced by offset lithography, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon because offset offers better quality and more flexibility in materials, sizes, and finishes, all at radically lower prices. Every book has to be evaluated …

Roy M. Carlisle, May 2011
Today’s Publishing Paradigm: It’s Not Either/Or Anymore »

PUBLISHED MAY 2011 by Roy M. Carlisle, Acquisitions Director, Independent Institute — As I was walking from the parking lot into the nondescript building in San Jose, I wondered what it would be like to talk with Richard Tam, the founder of He was certainly friendly enough on the phone when he called to …

Jacqueline Church Simonds, March 2011
Toward a New Distribution Paradigm for Startups and Self-Publishers »

For many years, the book business has pretty much been structured in one way: You print books in the thousands, and you employ a distributor to sell the books to the trade, warehouse the books, and accept at least 20 percent of them back as returns. This is a hard model for startups or self-publishers …

Stephen Blake Mettee, March 2011
Credit and Debit Cards: The Smartphone Easy-Payment Process »

      Square gets its name from both the shape of the card-reader device and from the common question, “Are we square?” used when money changes hands. Credit and Debit Cards: The Smartphone Easy-Payment Process by Stephen Blake Mettee Early on at Quill Driver Books, we discovered that an author who could take credit …

Florrie Binford Kichler, February 2011
PRESIDENT’S POST – An Evolved Distribution Solution »

The questions we receive most often at the IBPA office concern distribution—how to get it; what companies provide it; is it really needed in the e-era? The article that follows, sent by former IBPA Board President Curt Matthews, the CEO of Independent Publishers Group, covers some of the challenges smaller publishers have historically faced in …

Linda Carlson, January 2011
Why We Publish »

      Why We Publish by Linda Carlson Love or money? Which did you have in mind when you got into publishing? That’s what I recently asked IBPA members and others in the industry: Do you publish the titles you’re passionate about, or the titles you’re confident will sell well? And if you manage …

Davida G. Breier, December 2010
The Mad Hatter Recipe for Making Progress in Publishing »

      BOARD MEMBER’S CORNER The Mad Hatter Recipe for Making Progress in Publishing by Davida G. Breier I grew up the daughter of an independent bookseller and got my feet wet going to trade shows, selling, and even occasionally working as a buyer. But I didn’t set out to work in publishing. In …

Linda Carlson, December 2010
BelleBooks Believes in a New Business Model »

      BUILDING THE BUSINESS BelleBooks Believes in a New Business Model by Linda Carlson When I heard that BelleBooks had been founded in 2000 by a group of Southern romance writers, it was easy to visualize poufy-haired blondes sipping iced tea in a rose garden, passing out editorial, design, accounting, and marketing tasks …

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