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Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, October 1997
PMA’s Trade Distribution Program »

This is an update on the PMA Trade Distribution marketing program which operates in conjunction with the Independent Publishers Group’s trade distribution services. I am the president of IPG. The Trade Distribution program was initiated six and a half years ago to address a problem faced by many PMA member publishers, namely that the larger …

Jan Nathan, Executive Director, October 1997
Director’s Desk:
Sharing Success & New PMA Programs »

I asked a question of members of the PMA-L Listserv and received lots of wonderful response. Since not all members are either subscribed to this list or have the time to spend on the list, I thought that others might be interested in reading the response of a few and also invite those of you …

Reid Goldsborough, October 1997
For PCs, a Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way »

For years personal computer users, consultants, and manufacturers have debated the best maintenance steps to take in protecting a PC and prolonging its life. I don’t claim final authority, but here’s what has emerged as the most commonly recommended procedures. Powering Up You PC Turn on your PC when you begin computing on any given …

Reid Goldsborough, August 1997
Personal Computing: Frustrated PC Owners Have Valid Complaints – Computers Stink. »

That’s the name of a book that crossed my desk a couple of weeks ago. The title made me laugh. But as I read through the book, I found myself nodding in agreement with the author, Jack Bellis. Computers really do stink!The Computer Maze Who among us hasn’t felt frustrated at the complexity of today’s …

Stephen J. Kerr, August 1997
Star Power: Building Value into Your Titles and Company »

As a mergers and acquisitions consultant in the book, audio, and video publishing industry, I value publishing companies and have the opportunity to see what works and what does not. One important element in the success of publishing companies that shows up again and again is “Star Power.” How It Works In the motion picture …

Jan Nathan, Executive Directo, August 1997
Foreign Rights — Found Money »

August is the month that we gear up for the Frankfurt Book Fair. This is the time when we schedule most of our appointments for the October show in Frankfurt, Germany. If you have only worked in national shows, you are familiar with the strolling of the aisles by attendees and the attempt to capture …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., August 1997
The Problems with “Old” Publishing Contracts »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 1997 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — If you are a publisher with contracts that are more than 15-20 years old, you may have some ticking and potentially problematical issues of which you may be quite unaware. These issues often arise at unexpected and inconvenient times (although when a convenient time for a …

Gail Farrelly, August 1997
Put a Little Variety in Your Life: Try Publishing Fiction »

Independent presses tend to emphasize nonfiction works, but publishing fiction can be lucrative. Fiction stays current for longer, so a market can be developed slowly and steadily. If you are already known for your nonfiction work, you have a ready “hook” to snag some publicity as well as readers for your fiction books. And the …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, August 1997
A Sample Marketing Plan »

Since Ingram’s new policy of accepting many more independent press titles is contingent on the publishers submitting a marketing plan, many PMA members have asked for a sample of a plan that would strike a wholesaler or distributor as being plausible and effective. Such plans, of course, need to be custom-tailored to each book, but …

Mary Embree, July 1997
SPAWNing Opportunities »

Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network (SPAWN) was formed to provide education, information, resources, and a supportive networking environment for authors, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, editors, self-publishers, and others interested in the publishing process. We communicate with each other and exchange information through meetings, a monthly newsletter, seminars, and the Internet. On May 19, 1996, …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, July 1997
Ingram Offer to PMA Members »

At the BookExpo America convention, the Ingram Book Company issued an announcement which was covered in the following story from the front page of Show Daily, a publication distributed free each day to convention attendees. Ingram to Expand Small Press Title Base In an effort to satisfy its library, international and Internet customers, Ingram announced …

Bill Becker, July 1997
Making TED (The Editing Decision) in 1998 »

The typical small press prospecting for useful freelance editing work, I have found, can strike either a mother lode of critical input or worthless rock. Professional outside editing is not warranted for every manuscript. In many cases, publishers would be better advised to apply the money that would be spent on editing to marketing even …

Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director, July 1997
BookExpo America 1997 »

We all went to the BookExpo show with great trepidation. Our biggest fear was regarding the attendance. Who would show up at the site if the major houses weren’t in attendance? I think that the show this year reflected the book publishing industry as a whole. Those of us who did show up and display …

Reid Goldsborough, July 1997
Information on the Internet Often Bears a Double Check »

Did you know that the commercial airliner that tragically crashed last summer off Long Island during TWA Flight 800 was actually accidentally shot down by a US Navy missile? OK, this was just a rumor that was circulating on the Internet last year, but some people believed it, including such respected authorities as Pierre Salinger, …

Jan Nathan, PMA , June 1997
What Would You Do Differently? »

A few months ago, I queried the PMA chat group participants about what they did differently in publishing their subsequent titles that helped them to become better publishers. It’s an old concept . . . learning from previous mistakes. Many people shared the many things they wished they could have avoided in their first go-around …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press , June 1997
What Should Be Published? »

Are there some books we should not publish, no matter how well they might sell? The following ruminations are the result of a discussion at my book group of Hitler’s Willing Executioners by Daniel Goldhagen (Random House, 1996), an absolutely stunning book which of course should have been published. I have for years been irritating …

Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., June 1997
The Interview Release »

PUBLISHED JUNE 1997 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — Authors may at some point run into a situation in which they interview someone and obtain information from them that ends up in a book or periodical. This information may be words, photographs, biographical background, or other material. Since we all have rights of privacy, it …

Mary Westheimer, President, BookZone, June 1997
Publishers and the Internet: Using Technology Well »

(Note: Italicized words are defined at the end of this Fact Sheet.) What Can the Internet Do for Publishers? Before addressing the subject everyone wants to hear about (selling books), let’s look at some of the other ways publishers are already using the Internet. Most obvious is e-mail, a low-cost, highly efficient communication method. From …

Brad Hurtado, June 1997
Q&A »

Re: I am a new author and self-publisher. I have written my first book and I am going on television for a 30-minute interview on Wednesday. Does anyone have any advice? Rob Yanok Dear Rob and ANY new author, A couple words of advice for you from a veteran television talk show producer (Donahue, Maury …

Robert C. Brenner, MSEE, MSSM, June 1997
The High Cost of Meetings »

In our zeal to think beyond traditional parameters and maximize our bottom line, one often overlooked activity is the meeting. In large and small organizations, the meeting is typically considered inefficient at best. Organizers often don’t know how to plan and conduct such an interface. And attendees often place meetings at low priority and thus …

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