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Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D., March 1998
Foreign Publishing Deals and the European Common Market »

PUBLISHED MARCH 1998 by Ivan Hoffman, Publishing Attorney — There are potentially enormous changes coming about in the world of foreign publishing. American publishers should make every effort to stay abreast of these changes so that they may position their businesses to take advantage of the opportunity these changes may bring. In a previous article, …

Connie Shelton, Intrigue Press, March 1998
Writing Fiction That Sells Part Two – Revision/Editing/Criticism »

Last month, we talked about developing a dynamic plot and making sure that all elements for successful fiction were in place before starting to write. You’ve finished your first draft-now comes the fun part, the revision and editing. One of the first bits of advice I received about the writing process was: “If you’re in …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, March 1998
The Size of Our Market »

I and others who have been involved in the world of independent press publishing and distribution have been saying for the last couple of years that these are boom times for our part of the industry. I believe I even went so far as to claim we were living in the “golden age” of independent …

Reid Goldsborough, March 1998
Personal Computing: Where Should You Buy Your Next PC? »

These days there are almost as many ways to buy a personal computer as there are ways to configure one. You can buy from a computer superstore, small local computer store, office supply store, electronics store, department store, mass merchandise store, warehouse store, computer show, value-added reseller, mail-order catalog company, or directly from the manufacturer. …

Pam Adams, ComputerEase Publications, Inc. , March 1998
Authors as Publishers: My Story »

In 1987, I was contracted to teach an Introduction to Computers course in Durham, North Carolina. Right away, I could see that finding materials for the class was going to be a problem. Only large expensive computer textbooks were available in the late 80s. Like many other instructors before me, I began creating handouts for …

Brian Jud, Marketing Directions, Inc., March 1998
A Business Plan »

  My business plan serves two purposes. First, it provides me with a guide to operate my business. Secondly, it is a sales tool that has impressed bankers. I have also used it to convince distributors that I am serious about what I am doing. My plan includes the following: Introduction Current Situation Objective Strategies …

Katherine Brandenburg, Avalon Marketing & Communic, March 1998
You’re On!: Handling Television Appearances Effectively »

Fabulous! You’re booked for your first television appearance. You are excited, and more than a little nervous. Other than being personally gratifying, television is extremely effective in promoting a book, provided the author motivates the audience to actually seek out and purchase their book. Pre-Show Preparations Familiarize yourself with the show by watching it. Know …

Reid Goldsborough, February 1998
Personal Computing — Flaming May Get You in a Hot Spot »

Rage, rage, rage! If you spend any amount of time at all in online discussion groups, particularly in unmoderated Usenet newsgroups, you’ve undoubtedly seen your share of explosive arguments. “Flamewars” are one of the most pervasive facts of life in online forums. Separated by space and often by time as well, people online are more …

Grace Witwer Housholder, February 1998
Self-Publishing: One Journalist’s Adventure »

When Susan Klopfer showed up at my front door nearly four years ago to request some press coverage, I never dreamed that a “typical” newspaper assignment would launch me on a remarkable and exciting adventure. Susan, who had left her job with a large publishing house to become a self-publisher, came to my house to …

Dr. Robert Sullivan, February 1998
Do You Need a Website? (Answer: Yes!) »

If you’re a small press and are selling books, a website can be an effective sales channel. We sell a considerable number of our business-related books via our website, The Small Business Advisor, at http://www.isquare.com. A website can be very effective as a marketing/sales tool or a bust. This article will list the steps we …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, February 1998
Book Signings: What They Are and Are Not »

Twenty-some years ago, when my wife and I ran a little bookstore in Chicago, a common occurrence was to have a red-faced rep burst into our shop with a dozen copies of a book under his arm. Struggling to catch his breath, he would announce that the author of this book would arrive in ten …

Chris Roerden, M.A., February 1998
How to Waste Time & Money in Publishing »

Don’t thoroughly research your market; stick with your assumptions. Make no production schedule. Organize your nonfiction book as you learned the information, not how the reader could best learn it. Write fiction that’s all introspection, no action, except for characters who sit and talk about their introspection. Write too many words. Rewrite after editing without …

Connie Shelton, Intrigue Press, February 1998
Writing Fiction That Sells Part One – Developing a Compelling Plot »

They say everyone has a novel in them. Judging by the number of submissions that come across my desk at Intrigue Press, I’m beginning to believe it. Unfortunately, many of these aren’t necessarily publishable, nor do they show any potential for sales. As the writer or the publisher of a novel, you need to know: …

Katherine Brandenburg, February 1998
Creating a Unique Press Kit »

Picture this: you are an underpaid, underappreciated and overworked producer at CNN. Every day you receive 30 press releases, 15 media alerts, and at least 20 books. What can an author possibly do to make their book stand out as a producer or editor wades through their daily mail? Create a unique press kit. By …

Al Siebert, Ph.D, February 1998
Book Plagiarism in the UK. Has It Happened to You? »

Imagine yourself in this situation: You discover that a highly plagiarized version of a book you researched, wrote, and published has been published under another author’s name in the United Kingdom. The author copied many passages from your book verbatim, used your same book structure, and even used your same title. Nowhere in her book …

Robin Quinn, Word for Word, February 1998
Is Your Author Communicating? »

About two years ago, I spotted a book on a shelf at my local Barnes & Noble on a health topic that I had earlier noticed hadn’t yet been covered in a book. Because of my interest in self-care and alternative or what is also called complementary medicine, I quickly looked inside the book, decided …

Arthur Niehoff, Hominid Press, January 1998
Why I Write »

I write for two reasons. The first is a personal one: of whatever skills I developed in my lifetime, reading and writing have been the absolute best. And second, of all the cultural achievements by humankind throughout history, reading and writing have been the absolutely most outstanding. As is delineated in my new book, On …

Lloyd J. Jassin and Steven C. Schechter, January 1998
What Every Publisher Should Know About Publisher’s Liability Insurance »

Publishing is a risky business. Ask Lyle Stuart, publisher of Barricade Books, whose company faces extinction because of a $3.1 million defamation award in a suit brought by Las Vegas casino king, Steve Wynn, over catalog copy for a book linking Wynn to the mob. While Barricade Books could probably overturn the damage award on …

Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director, January 1998
Tips to Start 1998! »

Readers of this column will find many references to our chat group at PMA-L. There are over 1,000 people in publishing actively discussing publishing problems (and finding solutions) on a daily basis. Whether you like to chat (or you like to listen), there is no doubt that you will learn by signing on. Just a …

Grace Witwer Housholder, January 1998
One Journalist’s Adventure into Self Publishing »

When Susan Klopfer showed up at my front door nearly four years ago to request some press coverage, I never dreamed that a “typical” newspaper assignment would launch me on a remarkable and exciting adventure. Susan, who had left her job with a large publishing house to become a self-publisher, came to my house to …

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