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Nine New Metadata Fields Added to IngramSpark

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by Angela Bole —

We all know the more metadata fields you provide, the more you improve your book’s discoverability. This is why the IBPA office was pleased to learn that IngramSpark, a long time member benefit provider, rolled out nine new metadata fields in August 2015.

Here is the current list of metadata fields that IngramSpark accepts. The bold options are new and an asterisk means this field is required.

— Title*
— Subtitle
— Language*
— Contributors
— Imprint*
— Subjects (aka Categories; room for 3, at least 1 required)
— Full description*
Short description
Series name & number
Edition description
About the contributor
Audience / age range & grade range*
Table of contents
Review quotes

The August 2015 IngramSpark enhancements also included the addition of an On Sale Date option. IngramSpark publishers now have the option to select an On Sale Date for their print titles (this functionality already existed on the e-book side). By setting an On Sale Date prior to the publication date, publishers can market their book and collect pre-orders leading up to the publication date.

The On Sale Date option, coupled with the nine new metadata fields, will greatly improve your available to pre-market your books when using IngramSpark. As a bonus, IngramSpark is offering free setup on all new e-book titles through 09/30/15 (use promotion code: FREEEBOOK).

Those looking for a great essay on metadata should read Laura Dawson’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Metadata originally published as an essay in Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto.

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