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More Social, Less Media: Committing to Unplugging

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By Terry Doherty

Do you remember where you were when you had your best idea ever?

If I had to guess I would say that it wasn’t when you were staring at this screen. That’s true for me, anyway. Most of my think-outside-the-box, creative ideas and solutions come when I’m gardening.


A critical aspect of our marketing success demands that we are online. We rely on being connected to learn, connect, and engage with others. Yet those same tools can sap our energy, too.

Summer vacations are a time to relax; but how many of us stay plugged in? [Guilty as charged.] We get a partial re-charge just by being away, but we counter that with the stress of still staying connected to work.

What would you say if I suggested that this year on vacation we fully recharge? Turn off the devices. Don’t connect the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. People who email you will get an autoresponder with the name / email of someone who can help. Let them help.

Better yet, leave the laptop / tablet at home and pack a notebook and pen. There are some advantages to “old school.” They are lighter; they don’t need electricity or a good signal; and they won’t be ruined if they get sand on them. They are as portable as your phone and more flexible.

  • You can doodle or write while you’re watching the kids build sand castles.
  • You can jot down notes when you take a water break during your hike.
  • Take it to the family picnic and discover the ideas that come from the casual conversation during a game of tic-tac-toe, hangman, and the like.
  • It will sit ready on the nightstand for when you need to write something down after a shower.

So why am I going on about stepping off the grid and unplugging? Marketing with social media is demanding … and being successful with social media demands fresh ideas on a continuing basis. It can be hard to think with all that “noise.” Vacations help us tune out the noise and tune into great ideas.

Enjoy your vacation! We can’t wait to see your great ideas this fall!


Terry DohertyAbout the Author: Terry Doherty is a voracious reader with a keen analytical eye and a lifelong passion for writing. Combine a passion for reading and kids, a natural affinity for analysis, and a love of solving puzzles, and you’ve got Terry. Before becoming a Mom in late 2001, she spent nearly 20 years as a research analyst, supervisor, mentor, trainer, and analytical program manager with the federal government. She has drawn on her acclaimed expertise as a national security analyst in her roles as senior editor and publishing director for an independent house; and mentor for both her consulting business & flourishing literacy nonprofit.

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