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Is Amazon’s New Review Policy Detrimental to Social Media Marketing?

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by Cyndie Shaffstall —

(This article was originally posted on BookBusinessMag.com.)

“Amazon, like many retailers today, is highly focused on gaining buyer reviews, and to that end, promotes the use of reviews throughout the visitor’s experience before and after the purchase — but there is indication Amazon has taken a renewed interest in enforcing their review policies.

Blogger Imy Santiago quotes a message in a new window she received from Amazon recently when she attempted to post a book review, which Amazon refused. After asking for clarity on their refusal, Amazon responded in part, “We cannot post your Customer Review for [book title redacted] by [author name redacted] to the Amazon website because your account activity indicates that you know the author.” Santiago wrote again and in a follow-up response, Amazon added “Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide detailed information on how we determine that accounts are related.”

Is Amazon using an algorithmic assessment of authors’ online activities or social connections to evaluate a potential relationship with a reviewer? If so, does this new policy guarantee honest reviews or does it hinder the social-media marketing efforts of authors and publishers?…”

(You can read the full article on BookBusinessMag.com.)

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