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IBPA is Proud to Announce the Newest Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards Honorees

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June 24, 2016
Contact: Joanne Kenny
IBPA Member Benefits Liaison

(Manhattan Beach, CA) The definition of “book” continues to expand, and the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) honors and encourages the field’s innovators with its unique digital book awards program: the Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (BFDAs). The most recent honorees, sixteen total, are listed below.

Launched in 2013 to honor innovation in electronic publishing by individuals and organizations of all sizes, the BFDA program awards both Gold and Silver designations on a rolling basis based on the degree to which the digital book exhibits exceptional content, design, and use of technology. All entrants benefit from direct feedback from judges, a hallmark of IBPA’s longstanding and well-respected Benjamin Franklin print book awards, now in its 29th year.

And don’t forget about the Benjamin Franklin print award program! Submissions for the 2017 awards are open now. All print award finalists will be honored during a gala dinner in Portland, Oregon in April 2017 as part of IBPA’s annual Publishing University.

Click here for more information about Publishing University, and to register.

Now on to our most recent BFDA honorees:


Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo
Publisher: Raked Gravel Press
Motions and Moments is the third book by Michael Pronko on the fluid feel and vibrant confusions of Tokyo life. These 42 new essays burrow into the unique intensities that suffuse the city and ponder what they mean to its millions of inhabitants. Based on Pronko’s 18 years living, teaching and writing in Tokyo, these essays on how Tokyoites work, dress, commute, eat and sleep are steeped in insights into the city’s odd structures, intricate pleasures and engaging undertow.

Adams County Journal
Publisher: Adams County Media
The Adams County Journal is a quarterly publication available for free as a PDF download to anyone interested in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The content is categorized in the areas of photography and documentary. The media benefits local businesses, residents and visitors to the region because it engages readers and portrays local culture in a positive light. The Adams County Journal celebrates and communicates the flavor of the region. Through the publications, readers connect with and become more knowledgeable about the region. They may be inspired to action—to take advantage of opportunities to enjoy the people, environment, agriculture, businesses, activities and organizations in the area. At its most basic, readers’ responses may be to simply form a favorable opinion about Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Publisher: North Shore Press
One ultimatum cost him everything. It was supposed to bring a new beginning, a new life. Instead, it left him injured and half frozen in the yard of a stranger. With a head full of lies and a body full of scars, Blue must rebuild his life with the help of the only man able to reach him. One determined to prove sometimes trust is worth the risk. Blue features one of the most popular characters from the Saving Liam saga. Destined for greatness, he reveals the past that made him the scarred bad boy readers love.

The Bootlegger’s Legacy
Publisher: PurpleSage Books
When an old-time bootlegger dies and leaves his son Mike a cryptic letter hinting at millions in hidden cash, Mike and his friend Joe embark on a journey that takes them through three states and 50 years of history. What they find goes beyond money and transforms them both. It all starts with a key, embossed with the letters CB, and a cryptic reference to Deep Deuce, a neighborhood once filled with hot jazz and gangs of bootleggers. Out of those threads is woven a tapestry of history, romance, drama, and mystery; connecting two generations and two families in the adventure of a lifetime.

The Conciliators
Publisher: Downstream Publishing
The Conciliators brings back characters we’ve come to care about and introduces some wonderful new ones who build upon their relationships and the issue of trust, both in their lives as well as in society as a whole. While truth and trust may seem like old-fashioned themes for a contemporary novel, you only need to read or watch the news to see how hungry Americans have become for a story of trust and faith and values so beautifully expressed in The Collectibles Trilogy. Available now, is the third of the trilogy, The Conciliators.

Escape in Time: Miri’s Riveting Tale of Her Family’s Survival During World War II
Publisher: MB Publishing
Nessya’s grandmother, Miri Eneman Malz, has friends, a loving family—and a secret: she is a Holocaust survivor. When twelve-year-old Nessya learns the truth, she wants to know what happened. After decades of silence, Grandma Miri decides it’s time to tell her story. It all begins one terrible day in the spring of 1944, when Germany crosses Hungary’s border and soldiers arrive in Miri’s hometown of Munkács. Suddenly, the Jews are trapped and in danger. Based upon actual memoirs, this is the story of the Eneman family . . . of their remarkable ingenuity, astonishing luck, boundless courage, and unending love.

Publisher: Little Pickle Press
In this interactive—and hilarious—adventure, kids explore how food gets to their tables. Based on the award-winning The Cow In Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen, Farm2Table engages kids with animations, videos, and a food/origin matching game. Have the story read to you (or record in your own voices) and join Patrick as he discovers a cow—and so much more—in the kitchen!

The Hidden Light
Publisher: East Rock Books
Both scholarly and spiritual, this research-based examination combines the wisdom of ancient sources and renowned commentators with original insights to shed light on the Bible’s most mysterious story. A thought-provoking and visually appealing work, it will surely deepen the understanding and appreciation of biblical creation. Replete with beautiful artwork, engaging stories, and inspiring verses from mystics and poets around the world, this unique book offers a journey of discovery to captivate our minds, hearts, and spirits.

Letting Go Again
Publisher: Inner Sight Press
Letting Go Again is one birth mother’s courageous and compassionate account of giving up her baby daughter for adoption, their troubled relationship once they are reunited almost two decades later, and the grief that comes with knowing that she and her eldest child may never overcome the barriers that exist between them. While many of us have witnessed the emotional “adoption reunions” on daytime TV, we rarely see what happens when the cameras stop rolling. Kimberly Smythe’s poignant account reveals that, sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

Moon Thief
Publisher: Moon Stealers Publishing
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom with the world’s most beautiful and treasured moon. The king, worried about moon thieves lingering around, ordered his royal guards to guard the moon through night and day. Nobody was able to lay their hands on the moon. Ever… But one day the moon disappeared.

How? Who? Where? Could the moon have vanished?

Moon Thief is the second book after The Flying Fish that is written by a youth writer, Siwon Kim, and illustrated by his younger brother Siwoo Kim.

Peace Behind the Wire
Publisher: BookLogix
On January 18, 2011, twelve prisoners signed a solemn pledge and set out to see if they could live in peace with the men inside Georgia’s most dangerous maximum security prison. It was a simple but powerful pledge: for forty days they would follow the example of iconic peacemakers and commit themselves to timeless, nonviolent principles. PEACE BEHIND THE WIRE: A NONVIOLENT RESOLUTION chronicles the Power of Peace Project’s story as it grew to include prisons, schools, and churches across the United States, even planting seeds of peace inside prisons in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras, and Ukraine. With those initial signatures, POPP was officially born, and its founder, Kit Cummings, began the journey of bringing peace to those most removed from it. Peace Behind the Wire is the fascinating true story of this unlikely band of brothers, and the movement they inspired–one that has become a Teen Peace Phenomenon. Author Kit Cummings’s stunning new book asks a simple question: Are you ready for PEACE?

Ten Fingers Touching
Publisher: Getting to the Point, Inc.
Evil plots his return to power and Good fights to defeat Evil’s sinister plan. Caught between them in this epic struggle are two lovers―Martak, master of the forest, and Marianna, a beautiful maiden and governess to the impetuous Princess. Evil’s desperate scheme to outwit Good and rule the Kingdom puts Martak, Marianna and the Princess at risk as they are drawn into the conflict.

Will the soulmates realize their “happily ever after?” Martak must first unravel the curse and destroy Evil. In this land where magical forces vie for dominance, could true love be the most powerful weapon of all?

The Toothless Fairy
Publisher: Night River Press
More than anything, the sad, lonely Toothless Fairy wants a friend to play with, but with her single tooth and face full of warts, she feels unlovable and fears she will scare other kids away. But when Halloween comes around, she notices the kids are not afraid of all the scary costumes. Realizing this might be her chance to make a friend, she comes up with a brilliant plan, and that is how a new Halloween tradition begins.

Publisher: Tree Lover Press
In a small town in Arkansas, two lives that seemingly have nothing in common will converge and change each other forever. A brilliant but tormented street artist and an ex-track star whose career was cut short by a heart condition. Aimee DeLuca had a promising athletic career before her heart gave out during a high school track and field contest. Aimee struggles to find her way after spending time with a deceased grandmother during a near death experience. Reizo Rush is a street artist whose torment fuels his desire to add color to the gray walls of the city. But Reizo’s tagging and the two voices only he hears land him in perpetual trouble with both his teachers and the law. 

During a chance encounter, the two quickly find out they have much more in common than love. When they stumble upon a century-old storm cellar hidden underground on Aimee’s uncle’s ranch, they unearth a cellar full of artifacts and a hundred-year-old will. Once the news of the discovery leaks out, a drug-dealing teen and a mysterious soul named General are determined to bury the truth along with anyone who gets in their way.

We Never Know How High We Are Till We Are Called to Rise
Publisher: Egret Books
Fifteen dynamic and inspirational talks by a noted international educator and motivational speaker who utilizes storytelling and history to inspire students. From Aristotle to Madame Curie, from Marcus Aurelius to Victor Frankl, the author brings a host of characters to life. The talks were delivered at several National Honor Society ceremonies in the U.S. and in overseas schools around the world. A special supplement, “How to Write and Deliver a Great Five-Minute Speech” is included.

Publisher: Tree Lover Press
In this paranormal thriller sequel to Voices, the war to create a perfect reincarnation system begins. General believes the existing system is already perfect: to know “joy” every soul must experience “suffering.” But a rogue soul named Carmina believes the system is outdated and flawed. She is determined to prove that joy can exist without suffering. When Carmina and her team of reincarnated teenagers hack the system to change its outdated rules, Reizo is recruited to stop them. But Reizo could care less about rules or any ridiculous system until a mysterious soul named General leaves him no choice. Follow Carmina, Reizo and Aimee in their extraordinary journey to make the reincarnation system perfect.


As a rolling awards program, Benjamin Franklin Digital Award (BFDA) submissions are accepted year-round. Entries are judged against a standard of excellence in four categories: eBook, Enhanced eBook, Book as App, and New Technology/Software.

The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards provides both Gold and Silver Honoree awards for exceptional content, design, and use of technology. All entrants benefit from direct, constructive feedback from judges, a hallmark of IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin print book awards, now in its 29th year. Both Gold and Silver honoree awards are distributed to entries that showcase exceptional digital content and design.

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