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IBPA Announces the Newest Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Honorees

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IBPA is proud to announce the newest Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Award Honorees, promoting best in class digital content!

Is Your Digital Content Best in Class?

The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (BFDAs), launched in 2013 by the Independent Book Publishers Association, honor innovation in electronic publishing by individuals and organizations of all sizes. Both Gold and Silver honoree designations are awarded based on exceptional content, design, and use of technology.

The most recent honorees are:


His Dream, Our Stories
Produced by: Comcast NBCUniversal

His Dream, Our Stories presents the dramatic history of the civil rights movement in America from its small scale beginnings in the 1930s up to the momentous day in August 1963 where nearly 300,000 people from all across the country marched to Washington, D.C., to demand an end to racial discrimination.

Return to the Amazon
Written by: Jean-Michel Cousteau | Published by: Ocean Futures Society

Perhaps no other Jean-Michel Cousteau expedition pays tribute to the legacy of Jacques-Yves Cousteau like his voyage to the Amazon. Twenty-five years after he and his father explored this fabled region, Jean-Michel returns with his own children, his Ocean Futures Society team, and original Calypso crew members.

Taden Chesterfield
Written by: Wesley Jones | Published by: Little Finn

Taden Chesterfield is about a boy who finds adventures and is comprised of six interesting and unique stories. From the get-go, the stage is set when the protagonist has his play sword taken from him by his mother. The idea is that one does not necessarily need to engage in violence, albeit pretend violence, in order to resolve conflict.


But by the Chance of War
Written by: Richard C. Lyons | Published by: Lylea Creative Resources

A series of masterfully written poetical dramas that captures the reader and takes one through the ages and around the globe, presenting the similar strife and issues which arise during four different periods of global conflict. Each story discovers the common human weaknesses that lead to all conflicts, culminating in the unknown battleground of our new technological age, and discovers a globally and historically shared answer to these mutual human flaws.

Cinderella Spinderella
Written by: Mark Binder | Illustrated by: Steve Mardo
Published by: Light Publications

When Mark Binder performs Cinderella Spinderella for a culturally mixed audience he encourages the listener to picture himself or herself as the heroine or hero. Cinderella Spinderella offers 25 combinations with over 300 illustrations, so that every youngster can see herself or himself reflected in the story.

Doer’s Dilemma: Why Achievers Suffer And What To Do About It
Written by: Tom E. Jones

The 20% of the workforce responsible for 80% of production, commonly known as Doers, are not always treated equitably. This concisely crafted book highlights the critical role that Doers play in all organizations and distinguishes itself by explaining how to attract, foster, and retain these vital few who get things done.

EggMania- Where’s the Egg in Exactly?
Written by: Sherry Maysonave | Published by: Mania Tales

EggMania is a multi-sensory, rhyming tale of adventure loaded with brainy enrichment. Acknowledging that kids learn through play, EggMania was written to educate and entertain children growing up in today’s digital world. The eBook features stunning original art, advanced vocabulary with touch-sensitive definitions, includes an educational game, and operates with or without narration.

Her Ghost Wears Kilts
Written by: Kathleen Shaputis | Published by: Crimson Romance

This “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” tale in the 21st century flips the table with a fifty-something protagonist and a gorgeous young ghost. Murder and mayhem create the perfect storm when Baillie becomes an American heiress of a refurbished Scottish castle. DNA, lip-synching and alcohol mix the ideal cocktail of answers and discovery until jealousy and abandonment throw Baillie into the fight of her life.

My Gutsy Story Anthology: True Stories of Love, Courage and Adventure From Around the World
Written by: Sonia Marsh | Published by: Gutsy Publications

Sonia Marsh, editor of the My Gutsy Story® Anthology, celebrates the gutsy in each of us with this collection of stories from 64 authors who found the courage to face their fears and live their dreams. These stories of love, courage and adventure will inspire you to follow their lead and experience your own gutsy adventure.

Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand
Written by: Len Napolitano | Published by: Wineology Press

In this informative, new book, Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand, Len Napolitano builds confidence in wine beginners by fitting a bounty of useful information into 50 concise answers to popular wine questions and concluding each chapter with hands-on wine tasting exercises to do at home. The book’s approachable explanations of the fundamentals of wine appreciation invite  wine lovers to pick up and read what is likely to be the first wine book they’ve ever read.

A Riffian’s Tune
Written by: Joseph M. Labaki

A Riffian’s Tune is an autobiographical novel about forging your own path, the power of hope, and daring to step into the labyrinth of life – no matter what. Overflowing with tales of tragedies, courage, and triumphs, Jusef’s journey reveals the complexities of Moroccan culture, and the overwhelming restraints facing those on the outside.


As a rolling awards program, Benjamin Franklin Digital Award (BFDA) submissions are accepted year-round. Entries are judged against a standard of excellence in four categories: eBook, Enhanced eBook, Book as App, and New Technology/Software.

The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards provides both Gold and Silver Honoree awards for exceptional content, design, and use of technology. All entrants benefit from direct, constructive feedback from judges, a hallmark of IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin print book awards, now in its 26th year. Both Gold and Silver honoree awards are distributed to entries that showcase exceptional digital content and design. Regardless of whether they win an award, all entries benefit from direct, constructive judge’s feedback.

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