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Five Marketing Models for Self-Publishing Success

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This article originally appeared on PublishersWeekly.com. IBPA welcomes your feedback in the comments section of this post.

By Jane Friedman

“There’s no shortage of marketing and publicity services that promise to help self-published authors secure media attention and book reviews and increase sales. For the unschooled, however, it’s hard to know whom to hire, how much to invest, and what type of marketing and publicity will make a difference.

In my experience, there are five strategic models that lead to effective marketing and publicity campaigns for books.

1. Reach Out Directly to an Established Audience

This is the easiest (no-brainer) model: authors who already have a direct line to readers can execute an engagement strategy to ensure that they make the right number of impressions, at the right time, to maximize sales. People already well-known in their fields—or who have a backlist history and, therefore, readership—and people who have name recognition (celebrities!) are well-situated to succeed.

2. Always Be Producing

The more books you have out there, the easier the marketing game is. That’s because you have more options for giving things away for free, putting other things on discount, and bundling books together—or making them part of a multiauthor bundle.

3. Produce Across Multiple Mediums or Channels

Authors skilled in multimedia have an advantage over those who release only e-books or print books. Reader discovery increases when you can produce audiobooks, illustrated editions, podcasts, serialization (even if just at Wattpad), YouTube videos, and so on….”

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