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How to Help Your Authors Avoid 10 Key Mistakes that Can Derail Their Success

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About the Program:

Worldwide, an estimated 2.2 million new books are released each year. In that crowded of a marketplace what’s an author to do to stand out from the crowd? What can you do, as an independent publisher, to help your authors achieve greater success? Because, after all, their success is your success.

In this training, Bret Ridgway, coauthor of Mistakes Authors Make will look at 10 of the top mistakes he sees authors make, focusing on them from the perspective of what you, as a publisher, can do to help your authors minimize these mistakes.

In particular, we’ll focus on a few things that very few people talk about:

  • How you can make your books more consumable. After all, if you can’t get them to finish reading your authors’ books what are the chances of them coming back for more? The words slim or none come to mind.
  • How to turn your books into marketing machines. What are you doing to help your authors build their lists from their books so you know who their readers are and you have a ready list of buyers for their next book?
  • Platform building secrets. Helping your authors begin to build a list of eager buyers well before their book is published.

Can’t attend How to Help Your Authors Avoid 10 Key Mistakes that Can Derail Their Success? Sign up anyway and watch the prerecorded session at a time suitable to you.

About the Presenter:

BretRidgwayBret Ridgway is co-founder of multiple companies that support authors, speakers and information marketers. At its core, an author is an information marketer, and Bret has been involved in information marketing in some form or the other since the early 1980’s. His behind-the-scenes perspective as a fulfillment services provider for multiple New York Times bestselling authors gives him a unique insight into to what is working (and not working) in the publishing world.

Bret likes to practice what he preaches to his company’s thousands of clients worldwide, so he has authored or co-authored multiple books for authors, speakers and information marketers. This includes the former Amazon bestseller Mistakes Authors Make, 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make, View from the Back: 101 Tips for Event Promoters and the upcoming ABCs of Speaking.

Bret’s latest venture is aimed specifically at authors – ShipYourBooks.com

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