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Embracing the Metadata that Powers Your Book Sales

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This webinar occurred on February 12, 2014. Registration is closed.

Download a FREE recorded version of the full 60-minute webinar.

What do we mean by “metadata” and why is it so important?

Can it really make the difference in sales of your books?

In this eye-opening, FREE session, Rebecca Albani from Bowker will explain the basics of metadata, including the key things authors should be monitoring in their own data stream. You’ll learn why the tiniest details can make the biggest difference and why the metadata that you choose to upload about your book to distributors, retailers, and libraries dictates who discovers your work, when they find it, where, and how easily. Poor data can keep your book from ever being found by readers – even if you’ve written an award-worthy piece of work.

Rebecca-AlbaniRebecca Albani, Publisher Relations Manager at Bowker, has been working in the publishing industry for the past 7 years on both the book publishing side and the metadata side. She currently assists publishers with making their data more discoverable to customers and therefore helping them increase their sales. She has presented webinars on behalf of Bowker for quality bibliographic data to both self publishers as well as the larger publishers. She was also a presenter for the BISG webinar series on ONIX.

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