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Business Writers Conference

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A Conference for Business and Professional Writers

Writing a book is an elusive goal for many business professionals as they seek an outlet to offer guidance and expertise to a very broad audience. According to the New York Times, 81% of professionals want to write a book. For seasoned executives, a book is an opportunity to reflect on a career or significant experience. For baby boomers, writing a book is a great way to jump start a new business and a second career. For professionals and specialists, writing a book is a great outlet for sharing expertise and know-how. Former graduate students need to turn their thesis or dissertation into a book.

Writing magazines reveal the many types of conferences available to writers. Writing conferences dominate all regions of the U.S., covering niche areas such as poetry, fiction, comedy, travel, religious, science fiction, and many others.Unfortunately, there is no conference designed specifically for business writing. The writing style is different. Book proposals are different. Marketing is different. This first-of its kind conference is designed for authors or those who want to be authors of business publications.

Conference Goals

The goals of this conference are to teach new and prospective authors how to:

  • Develop their idea and passion into a book
  • Write a compelling proposal
  • Locate the right publisher
  • Secure the best contract
  • Write the book against a deadline
  • Keep the content engaging
  • Conduct credible, insightful research
  • Market the book to become a best seller

Writing for the Business and Professional Audience

Best-selling business authors will be there, not only as speakers, but as participants to learn from others, to improve on what they have achieved and build on their current work. Acquisition editors will be on hand to locate potential new authors and to also discuss how a book is selected for publication. Publishers will be there to discuss the publishing industry and give first-hand insight about how to break into the industry. Writing experts and teachers will be there to share tips on how to tailor your writing to this niche audience. Agents will be there to discuss the benefits of having an agent and to seek potential new prospects to represent. Manuscript editors will be there to explain how the manuscripts are developed and provide tips on how to make the process work more efficiently and effectively for all audiences. Marketing experts will discuss how books are marketed and share tips on how to drive book sales with the aim of becoming a best seller. The conference will be very content rich, with a tremendous amount of expertise and experience from the speakers. Speakers are very carefully selected to make this the most valuable conference for anyone interested in authoring business and professional books.

Pre-conference Workshop . . . . . July 25-27
Conference . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 27-29
Post-conference Workshops . . . . July 29 & 30

Register at www.business-writers-exchange.com.

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