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BISAC Subject Headings: Standards Basics for the Independent Publishers

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A recording of this session is available through IBPA’s institution on OpenLearning. IBPA members can login to OpenLearning here to access it.

About the Program

BISGlogo_largeThe book’s been written, edited, and published. Now it’s ready for the readers—but how are they supposed to find it?

That’s where the BISAC Subject Codes come in. BISAC is a standard used by many companies to categorize books based on their topical content. These codes can determine where a book is shelved in a store or the genre(s) under which its filed for internet searches, and whether or not a book finds its intended audience depends on which BISAC codes are applied to it.

In this session, Connie Harbison, Director Quality Control at Baker & Taylor, will give a presentation about the 2014 BISAC Subject Headings — how they developed, who sets the standard, who uses them (and why!), and how they help to make your book more marketable and more discoverable.

BISAC Subject Headings: Standards Basics for the Independent Publishers is the second in a three-part series, hosted by IBPA and co-produced by BISG, aimed at demystifying several of the core book industry standards through “101”-style sessions presented by experts in the field.

Here is the complete “Standards Basics for Independent Publishers” webinar series:

Webinar 1: Metadata: Standards Basics for Independent Publishers
Webinar 2: BISAC Subject Headings: Standards Basics for Independent Publishers
Webinar 3: ISBN & Identifiers: Standards Basics for Independent Publishers

About the Presenter:

photonotavailableConnie Harbison has been involved in the book industry for over 25 years, starting as a trade book buyer in one of Barnes & Noble’s college bookstores. She was with RR Bowker for 13 years, working with data integration and quality. For the past 9 years, Connie has worked as Director of Quality Assurance for Baker & Taylor. She has served as Chairman of the BISAC Subject Committee for the past 10 years. Connie holds a MA in English Literature from The Catholic University of America and a MLS degree from Rutgers University.

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