Example of a Flyer (or “Sell Sheet”)

Sell sheets are used for a variety of purposes, but primarily for direct mail campaigns to booksellers.

You can invest in a four-color sell sheet on coated stock, but a one-color version on decent stock (80 to 100 lb. paper) can be sufficient … if you write and present it properly.

The two-sided example shown here is simple, but it includes all the important elements. The numbers below relate to the red numbers on the flyer itself. To see larger versions of each side, simply click on the image.

A successful flyer includes:

  1. A picture of the book cover
  2. Prominently displayed title and author names
  3. A quote, excerpt of a review or blurb (endorsement) from a well-known person or well-respected authority
  4. Reader-benefit oriented teaser copy (“Your Life Could Be in Danger If …”)
  5. Brief one-sentence excerpts of the three or four most important chapters, instead of total contents
  6. Relevant PR or marketing plans
  7. Brief author bio
  8. Dataline: publisher name, ISBN, list price paper/hardcover and where to buy. If the book is carried by only one or two wholesalers, list them. If handled by a distributor, include the distributor’s name and 800#. If your title does not clearly and accurately describe the market for your book, be sure to include the discipline or subject area (i.e., health, medicine, self-help, etc.) with the dataline information
  9. Simple design elements, such as shaded boxes, tints, etc.

What’s missing? Don’t forget to include your Web site and email addresses!

To see a larger version of the front and back of this 8-1/2 x 11″ flyer, click on the image (these may take awhile to load, so please be patient).

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