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The PMA Parishes Program

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I’m very pleased this month to announce a new PMA initiative designed to increase and improve your personal connections with the association. Most publisher board members have been assigned a “parish,” a group of states in geographical proximity to their press, to which they will administer pastoral care.The idea is to enable you as members to have one person you can contact for guidance, advice, opinions about PMA, ideas for new directions for the association, and as a general resource. Of course, you will still be able to call upon the PMA office for all of those things, or to check the PMA Website (http://www.pma-online.org) which is a great resource for general information on publishing.Though the board members may not be able to answer your questions about specific PMA mailings or exhibits, I have found from other organizations that having someone as your specific representative gives a more inclusive feeling to individual members. At each board meeting, members will be asked to report on their discussions with their parishioners over the previous few months.Additionally, it has been decided that we will move board meetings around the country as much as possible, in order to allow greater access for individual members to the board. Each meeting will conclude with an Open Forum session, where the board will answer questions and be more than happy to discuss industry-wide issues, specific PMA issues, or any other question you might have. Obviously one meeting each year coincides with Publishing University and Book Expo, and we will be trying to follow up on our highly successful meeting in March in conjunction with the Arizona Book Publishers Association by tying board meetings into regional universities or affiliate events. The first Open Forum will take place at the next board meeting on Friday, November 6, in St. Petersburg, Florida.I believe that improved access to board members will help us enormously to understand your changing needs and the requirements of the association. But in the end, it will be up to you as members to take advantage of this access and to make sure your voice is heard within the association. On that note, I must add that the PMA listserv is a wonderful resource, and we appreciate the opinions that are expressed there. But even with the listserv’s very large membership, less than one-third of PMA members are on the list, and a much smaller percentage than that post to the list. The Parishes Program will offer an avenue toward broader involvement in PMA by our members who have not subscribed to the listserv or do not post their views there. And listserv participants can also get involved in the Parishes Program.It’s important to me that you be in touch with your representative when you have something to say, and I believe you will find it a useful added resource offered by PMA.Following is a list of board members and their parishes:
Robin Bartlett, Berlitz International, Board Committee – Publishing University (phone 609/514-3186; e-mail robin.barlett@berlitz.com): New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Johnny Hamilton, Construction Trades Press, Board Committee – Affiliates (phone 910/592-1310; e-mail jhamilton@constructpress.com): North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia
Linda Ligon, Interweave Press, Board Committee – Benjamin Franklin Awards (phone 970/669-7672; e-mail Linda_Ligon@iwp.ccmail.compuserve.com): Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico
Ray Riegert, Ulysses Press (phone 510/601-8301; e-mail rayriegert@ulyssespress.com): California (especially Northern, as Southern is covered by PMA office)
Larry Rood, Gryphon House, Board Committee – Marketing (phone 301/595-9500; e-mail larry@ghbooks.com): Maryland, Washington DC, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana
Timothy Staveteig, Pilgrim Press, Board Assignment – Book Reviews (phone 216/736-3715; e-mail stavet@ucc.org): Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Kent Sturgis, Epicenter Press, Board Committee – Member Services (phone 425/485-6822; e-mail gksturgis@aol.com): Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
Don Tubesing, Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers, Board Assignment – Large Publisher Liaison (phone 218/727-0500; e-mail tubesingda@aol.com): Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma
Nick Weir-Williams, Northwestern University Press, Board Committee – University Presses (phone 847/491-8114; e-mail nweir-w@nwu.edu): Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, International

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