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The Biggest Benefits of PMA University

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The Biggest Benefits of PMA


by Robin Bartlett


“What’s in it for me?” is the
question people generally ask before committing time and money, and when it
comes to PMA University, I know the answer. After all, this is my 14th year as
education chair for PMA, and I can draw on what I’ve learned while organizing
numerous PMA University programs, teaching thousands of attendees, coordinating
a myriad of speakers, and writing more emails than I can begin to count.


The answer for me, and I’m betting
for you too, is that each year, Publishing University gives me a scorecard on
my progress in publishing. It shows me my strengths and, more important, it
lets me know the areas where I need a tune-up and gives me the tools I need for
peak performance.


For me, one of the greatest
dangers of a lengthy career in publishing is the temptation to start thinking
that I know it all, the “been there, done that” pitfall. PMA University can
help even the savviest and best-established publishers do even better tomorrow
than they did yesterday. I find that the University always reveals many new and
wonderful ideas and technologies that are surfacing in our industry and reminds
us of grand ideas. Some of the courses for 2007 couldn’t have existed a few
years ago (think blogs, 21st-century e-book strategies and tactics, advanced
Web site design, and strategies for online publicity). And this year, I’ll be
listening for clues as to what the next five years will bring.


Of course, PMA University is both
a marvelous networking opportunity and a terrific learning experience. Some of
my very best friendships were made at PMA-U, and I find new friends there every
year—publishing people who are full of life, energy, kooky ideas, and an
exciting entrepreneurial spirit that refreshes me so I can work harder and
smarter when I get back to my desk. I go to PMA University for the networking
and friendships as much as for the brain food.


Enrollment for the 2007 Publishing
University is already at a record high, but it’s not too late for you to
register if you act promptly. Whether you’ve never attended or have
participated 14 times, by joining me and hundreds of other PMA members in New
York City on May 28, 29, and 30 for the 2007 Publishing University, you will
meet some of the brightest minds in publishing—frequently to be found in the
heads of the people seated right next to you.


To register, visit the PMA Web
site at www.pma-online.org
and click on the online PMA University brochure. Go to the last page and follow
the registration instructions. I look forward to seeing you there!


Robin Bartlett is a senior
account executive for the American Heart Association as well as education chair
of Publishing University. Formerly a member of the PMA board of directors, he
is past president of the American Medical Publishers Association, and a member
of the board of directors for the Health Marketing and Communications Council.
You can contact him via www.robinbartlett.com or robin@robinbartlett.com.




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