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PMA has been working to set up affiliate groups for our membership throughout the country over the past several years.
We have many very active groups within local regions, and if you haven’t already been to one of their meetings yet, we hope
that the list below will encourage you to attend. Get involved in helping your local group grow.

Arizona Book Publishing Association
The Arizona Book Publishing Association meets each month, alternating between lunch and dinner times. Held on the last
business day of the month (except Fridays), meetings begin at 11:30 am or 5:30 pm. We did this precisely because of the
desire to offer different people the opportunity to attend. Some of our members cannot attend lunch meetings because of
their other jobs, while a number prefer to have evenings and weekends free from our “business” meetings. Gwen Henson could
probably give you a better idea of how many people are regular attendees, only at lunch, only at dinners, or “depending on
the subject.”

I’m a regular attendee, and I see a lot of the same faces every time. So I think the set-up is working pretty well. Many
who might have a problem with a regular lunch meeting seem to find a way to make it fit into their schedule when that time
is used only once every other month.
Further information from:

Bill Fessler

Southwestern Book Enterprises / Primer Publishers

5738 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012

e-mail: bfessler@earthlink.net

phone: 602/234-1574
fax: 602/234-30

The remaining listings were written by representatives from the individual affiliates groups in response to my questions
about how they get together.

Book Publishers Northwest
At Book Publishers NW in Seattle, we meet the third Thursday of the month (usually) at 4:30 at the Arboretum Visitor
Center. This way we don’t charge members anything to come to meetings-the Visitor Center expense is covered with our dues.
We do charge non-members $10.

We found longer meetings were too time-consuming or expensive for most of our members. We have had some special meetings

at were longer at different times, or had fees.
We’ve done this now for 2-3 years after trying several other things and venues and it seems to work best. The main
drawback is that there’s not good bus service to the Visitors’ Center.
Duse McLean

e-mail: DuseM@aol.com

Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association
The new Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association (we used to be the CT Authors Association) has meetings in two
locations. One meets on the second Wednesday of every month (7:00 – 9:00 pm) and our main location meets on the first
Tuesday (7:00 – 9:00 pm) and the third Saturday (10:30 am -12:30 pm). We found some people cannot or do not want to go to
evening or Saturday meetings, so we try to accommodate everyone. We average about 30 – 40 at each meeting out of a
membership of almost 200. Our speakers are different each time and we alternate among three topics: writing, publishing,
and marketing.

Agenda for a typical meeting: First half hour is a business meeting. We start with people sharing their major or minor
successes. We then have committee reports (Administration, Program, Newsletter, Speakers Bureau, Publicity, Membership, and
Fund Raising).

Next hour: Guest speaker.

Final half hour: Networking, coffee, and snacks. Before the networking portion starts, any member can pose a question
and we have a brief discussion. Interested parties then meet in a separate section of the room to discuss it in more detail
so we don’t tie up meeting time answering a specific question that applies to one person or a small group.
Brian Jud

e-mail: bjauthor@tiac.net

Florida Publishers Association
The Florida Publishers Association, Inc., board is about to start meeting online in AOL chatrooms for two of our four
scheduled yearly meetings after years of meeting for lunch on Saturdays. Reasons? The distance (as in Texas and California)
is great for many board members to travel. Time is at a premium for us all. The AOL Instant Messenger software is free and
easy to load and use. The chat room option allows us to meet with the least physical problems, only one person “speaks” at a
time, and the minutes can be instantly printed with no upset over exactly who said what to whom.

Our other two board meetings are held in conjunction with our twice-yearly conferences, spring and fall.
Betsy Lampe

Exec. Secretary, Florida Publishers Association

e-mail: NAIP@aol.com

Georgia Independent Publishers Association
The Georgia Independent Publishers Association isn’t an official PMA affiliate yet but I’d like to respond to the “when
do you meet” question.

So far, we’ve had about four meetings with others scheduled through November. After bouncing around a bit, we’ve finally
found a library just north of downtown Atlanta for a meeting site. It’s roughly a 35-40 minute drive for people in metro
Atlanta. We’ve had someone drive up from Macon, about 75 miles south of Atlanta. We meet the third Saturday of the month at
11 am and it lasts for about an hour and a half.

About seven new people attended the August meeting, so we had everyone introduce themselves and talk about the type of
books they publish. Generally, though, we go right into our program with a speaker who talks for 20-40 minutes then answers
questions from the audience.
Pam Blackmon

Organizer, Georgia Independent Publishers Association

e-mail: pblackmo@bellsouth.net

New Mexico Book Association
The New Mexico Book Association has luncheons from 11:45 to 2:00 on the second Friday of each month. We normally hold
them at the same hotel in Santa Fe, since Santa Fe is where the majority of New Mexico publishers and writers live.
Occasionally we have them in Albuquerque (for some reason, dinner meetings work better there). Once a year we meet in Las
Cruces in connection with the Border Book Festival.
Further info: xplorer@Rt66.com

Northwest Association of Book Publishers
NWABP (Portland, OR) meets the last Thursday of each month, 9:00 am-noon, from January through October. November’s
meeting is replaced by an awards banquet. We skip December. The meeting is held in a sports club near intersections of major
freeways south of Portland. The board meeting takes another hour after the general meeting and occurs every other month.

Advantages of our set-up are predictability of time and place, and ability to have a 3-hour meeting. The 3-hour format
includes: (1) a new member session at 9 am where we cover a pre-set schedule of nuts and bolts topics over the course of 10
months, (2) a general session for introduction of new books, announcements, info sharing, etc., and (3) a featured speaker
who is usually some specialist talking at a level of interest to both new and experienced members.

Disadvantages are: (1) inability to serve those who can’t leave work, and (2) difficulty finding members to do the work
to maintain or expand the program (our mission is stated as self-help for self-publishers, and we’ve learned to just direct
folks with higher-level needs to PMA.

Membership hit a high of about 300 early in the decade and has slipped to 100-200, depending on the time of year. This
builds throughout the year, but drops 40-50% when dues renewals are mailed. When we change location every few years, we
always have members drop specifically because they don’t want to drive another 10 miles while new folks join. Each year when
a new board talks about evening or weekend meetings to be available to new folks, we always have members who note they
cannot make those schedules. So we keep doing what we do as we’ve done it before since current members have paid their dues
and other “unserved” potential members are speculative.
Matt Brink

e-mail: mbrink@teleport.com

San Diego Publishers Association
We used to do something like this: alternating Wednesday evening and Friday morning meetings. It didn’t work. We would
see a few different people at each meeting, but for the most part, the same people attended both. We took a straw poll of
people who attended a reorganization meeting. As a result of that poll, we meet the last Saturday morning of each month.
Until recently, we did not meet during mealtimes. Just last month, we began experimenting with brunch meetings. It’s too
early to say whether this works or not.

The advantage, we think, is in the predictability of the meeting. Sooner or later, members realize that they can set the
same day and time aside every month. We hope that this will increase the number of people who attend almost every meeting.
What we don’t know is the number of people who would attend at a different time but not on Saturday mornings.

We discovered that location is just as important as time. We are spread out. We have members all over the city and
others who come from as far away as Orange and Riverside Counties. For this reason, we meet in a northwestern part of San
Diego known as Del Mar Heights. Both Del Mar Heights and Saturday morning seem to make a convenient compromise for everyone.
We have changed locations within Del Mar Heights, but we have not considered moving to central SD. When we asked the group
about holding an occasional meeting in east San Diego County for the benefit of our members who live there, the objections
were deafening.

For what it is worth, we want to keep our meetings free and open to the public, though we are not averse to having
member-only special meetings (say, for elections) and member-only benefits.
Robert Goodman


e-mail: rg@silvercat.com

St. Louis Publishers Association
The St. Louis Publishers Association doesn’t meet for a meal. Our scheduled meeting time is 7:00 pm on the second
Wednesday of each month. As far as we know, this time works well.

People start arriving around 6:30 and spend half an hour networking and/or looking at display materials. Around 7:00, we
have introductions, updates, and a short business meeting. Then we usually have a guest speaker who discusses a particular
aspect of publishing. We had an excellent meeting this week-two very knowledgeable people from The Booksource discussed book
distribution, including new trends. More networking occurs after the formal presentation, and we vacate the room by 9:00.

We have had snacks at a couple of special meetings-once last December and again in the spring, when we had a
presentation by a storyteller. Snacks are pot luck; those who remember bring.
For info: info@porticobooks.com

Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association
Hello from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan-UPPAA. Because our members are scattered across the UP, and usually have a
long drive, we meet on Saturdays, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm (meeting 10:00 to 12:00, and 1:30 to 3:30-the other time for networking
and lunch). Meetings are in varied locations, with a business meeting in the morning, finishing up after lunch; and an
educational program/speaker of some type in the afternoon. We fit in as much as we can in that one day (four times a year).
There are usually various options for lunch, including bring your own, to accommodate all budgets. A different person
coordinates each meeting which helps spread the load around, though I usually am involved in helping with the program.

This has worked well for us. We generally have 30 attendees, which is pretty good for our small group (our total
membership is about 60).

Because of the long drive, we are organizing a subgroup for the far eastern UP (Sault Ste. Marie/St. Ignace). They will
have a separate meeting/program three times a year-with one combined meeting a year. We hope this will accommodate more
Sue Robishaw

President, Upper Peninsula Publishers & Authors Association

Rt1 Box 52 E, Cooks MI 49817

e-mail: manytrac@up.net

phone/fax: 906/644-2598

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