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President’s Report
A Paean to PMA: My Farewell Address

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I have served as your PMA president for the past two years. Now my term is at an end. This is my 24th monthly column, and the last for a while. (Oh, no, that particular fact won’t bring tears to my eyes!) Before I go, let me share a couple of personal observations.

PMA continues to be the best-managed, most clearly mission-driven professional association I have been affiliated with during my 35-year career in several different professions. It is a great organization, and I have been pleased to be a member and contributor to our growth and to witness our increased national recognition. PMA is in good hands with Jan and her management group, as well as the current outstanding board of directors. PMA’s future is strong.

No other group of people, in my experience, is as creative and interesting and engaging as independent publishers. Most of us got into publishing because we were knowledgeable and passionate about a single important subject. Get us together, and we always have a whole room full of fascinating and stimulating topics to discuss. We are consistently supportive and respectful of each other, which makes almost any gathering both helpful and uplifting. What a privilege to associate with people of this caliber!

At no time in our nation’s history has independent publishing had such a promising future. At no time in our history have the disparate and clear voices of independent publishers been as critical to our national dialogue. What a responsibility!

Thank you for inviting me to serve as your president.

I value my deep and varied friendships with so many of you.

I am most honored and grateful for this experience.

Keep setting the standard for what books can be when publishers consistently apply patience, cutting-edge skills, and a commitment to quality.

Stay passionate. And be well.

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