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Members in the Spotlight: November 2012

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November 2012

Posture Power Publicity

When she was profiled as “Interesting Expert of the Week, Practical Glamour Edition” by a blogger for ProfNet, Constance Dunn of RLD Publications Inc. offered advice that’s valuable for everyone who makes presentations of any kind: Capitalize, she said, “on the power of good posture. It doesn’t cost a thing and instantly creates a stronger, better-looking physique. It also projects purposefulness, and communicates to others that you are engaged in life. Slumped shoulders are among the worst accessories on Earth!”

Dunn, the author of Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful Self to the World, did not immediately see any jump in book sales as a result of the blog post, but she did gain new Facebook friends and subscribers to her email newsletter. Publicity about the interview was tweeted to ProfNet’s nearly 17,000 followers on Twitter and included in its weekly feed to reporters.

“It’s been a good PR item, a fun read to send to folks I’m in touch with on prospective projects,” she reports. “For example, I’ve been in touch with Style Network on being a guest etiquette expert on one of their makeover shows, so I touch base on occasion with items like this as a reminder/update and a way for them to get a better sense of what I do.”

At ProfNetConnect, a unit of PR Newswire, a fee-based press release distribution service, participation and being selected for a profile are complimentary. To be registered as an “expert” [See “Become an Expert to Boost Your Bottom Line” in this issue] and be able to receive queries from journalists does entail a charge.


Spurring Sales with Something Free

What can publishers offer free that will sell books? At The Wine Press, where Leslie Korenko publishes a trio of histories about Ohio’s Kelley Island, she set up a genealogy Website where visitors can post queries about lost branches of their families. “Surprisingly, this has resulted in an increase in sales of my three-book packages,” she reports.


On Air About Fighting

Woodland Press CEO F. Keith Davis was interviewed on camera for a History Channel documentary, America’s Greatest Feud: The Hatfields and McCoys, a companion piece to the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries.

Woodland, located in the West Virginia region where the famous vendetta took place, specializes in Appalachian history and specifically the Hatfield-McCoy feud era. Several Woodland titles, some written by descendants of the Hatfields, were used as source material for the History Channel productions.


Possible Ad Opportunity

If your publishing operation is organized as a 501(3)c, you may be eligible for free advertising with Google, Chris Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Center reports. Through Google Grants, the search engine company provides thousands of dollars of free online advertising.

For more information, check the podcast and transcript of Kenneally’s interview with Red Hen Press about Google Grants, at beyondthebookcast.com/google-grants-for-non-profits.


Takes on Terrorists to Color

Really Big Coloring Books attracted the attention of Amy Graff, whose Mommy Files blog appears on SFGate.com, an affiliate of the San Francisco Chronicle. “Forget baseball cards. A 9/11 coloring book now comes with a complete set of terrorist trading cards. Would you want your teen trading Osama bin Laden for Yahya al-Libi?” she writes about the recently published We Shall Never Forget 9/11, Volume II: The True Faces of Evil—Terror.

New York Post writer describes the publication as “perforated trading cards depicting real-life terrorists—from 9/11 masterminds such as Osama bin Laden to dictators like Saddam Hussein. There’s even some US-born gunmen featured, including 2011 Arizona gunman Jared Loughner and Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has a card, too.” A blogger for St. Louis’s alternative paper, Riverfront Times, filed his report in the Politics section of riverfronttimes.com, adding, “Publisher Wayne Bell believes everyone—including America’s kiddies—should deal with terrorists.”


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