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Guadalajara Report

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by Terry Nathan

Director, PMA


Guadalajara Report


I am excited about the opportunity
the Guadalajara Book Fair’s market offers our members. The show was large and
sophisticated, with a great many publishers participating and books of amazingly
good quality on display. I see this market as one where many PMA members are
sure to succeed.


We had a great location this year,
at the end of one aisle with another aisle dropping people off right into the
middle of our booth. And we had plenty of space to display each and every book
to best advantage. Located in the international area, we were surrounded by the
booths of countries from all over Latin America—Cuba, Dominican Republic,
Argentina, Columbia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and many more. Even the United
Nations booth was a neighbor, directly behind us.


This is a very long show,
extending over two weeks, from 9:00 a.m.
until 9:00 p.m. each day. Much of
that time the show is open to the public. We exhibited on the first five days,
three of which are for trade visitors only. I hired a local college student to
work with me at this show, and she was great. Not only did she hand out
catalogs to all passers-by and help me through my Spanish-language challenges,
she helped set up our booth, and her presence gave me a chance to move around
and talk with rights agents and representatives of English-language bookstores
in Latin America. I gave catalogs to these folks and followed up with emails.


Some rights business takes place
on the floor of this show, but most activity revolves around purchasing
Spanish-language books. Librarians in huge numbers travel to the show from the
United States to purchase Spanish-language books for their collections. I saw
literally hundreds of librarians working the aisles with buyers from their
favorite wholesalers in tow. Brodart, Baker & Taylor, Lectorum, and
Multicultural Books and Tapes were busily writing orders for their customers.
Some librarians even had electronic scanners to collect order information,
which they then relayed to their buyers.


We displayed a series of
educational and teaching books in Spanish, and also some bilingual children’s
and educational books that aroused a lot of interest, as did a beautiful
coffee-table book, Dance
in Cuba
, that many browsers picked up. Visitors to our booth
often slowly worked their way through all the titles on display. As one of the
few groups carrying English-language books, we really stood out.


Would You Like to Join
PMA’s Board of Directors?


This year we will have three openings
on the PMA board of directors—two nonpublisher seats and one publisher
seat. The board meets four times a year (typically August, November, February,
and May/June) for a day and a half in various locations within the continental
United States. PMA pays for travel to and from these meetings and for
accommodations at them.


For a list of current board
members, see www.pma-online.org
or the back cover of this issue.


If you would like to be considered
for the PMA board or to nominate someone else, please email me at <span

to ask for an application or access the Board Application form at <span
We must receive your completed application no later than February 28.


You can send your completed
application via email to terry@pma-online.org; fax it to 310/374-3342 (write
“Board Application” on the top); or mail it to PMA Board Application, 627
Aviation Way, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Any questions, call us at




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