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“60 Minutes” Covers Two PMA Members

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Who doesn’t dream of turning on the TV one day and finding themselves on 60 Minutes? Two of our members, Ilene Barth of Red Rock Press and Linda Ligon (our outgoing President) of Interweave Press, were working their booths in the IPG complex at BEA in New York when Charles Grodin and crew stopped by.

Intrigued by their “non-mainstream” titles, Grodin decided to include both in a segment about BEA. It aired on Sunday, June 30–and may well repeat this summer.

Barth’s A Month of Sundaes, a great gift book about, yes, ice cream sundaes, was the Red Rock book Grodin focused on. When Barth found out that 60 Minutes would be visiting, she and her publishing-partner/husband, Richard, quickly got their author and loads of ice cream to the IPG complex at BEA and put on a dog and pony show for 60 Minutes.

Ligon publishes fantastic books at Interweave Press on weaving and knitting, and she has been doing research on the processes used in exotic Central and South American countries. At BEA, she found her title on knitting sweaters for dogs (Dogs in Knits: 17 Patterns for Our Best Friends)–one of Interweave’s “fun” books–catching the eye of the 60 Minutes crew. With books from the whole of BEA for 60 Minutes to choose from, this proves the old statement “Nobody knows what will attract the eye.”


Daring to Be Different

I remember years ago I was reviewing the books going to the Frankfurt Book Fair with us. I thought there was a title that was “too American,” and I almost advised not sending the book. It turned out that this title became the “hot” book of the show. It was called MLM Magic, and it was a small book about how to set up a multi-level marketing concern. That definitely sounded very American to me.

But what I didn’t understand was that during that year many of the Eastern Bloc countries of Europe were gaining freedom and the people who lived there all wanted to become entrepreneurs. This book presented the steps necessary for building a company in easy-to-understand language. As more and more rights buyers came into our stand and insisted they “must have that book,” I couldn’t believe my ears. I almost decided to move to one of those countries and become the first Amway dealer on the block!

With Frankfurt on the horizon again, I hope we will have lots more books like MLM Magic with us. We are the presenters of topics that many larger houses won’t look at because the potential sales projections seem too low. But, as we all know, it’s the out-of-the-mainstream topics that grab the attention of potential buyers, and we’re the ones who produce them.

It wasn’t Simon & Schuster or Random House titles that were featured in that 60 Minutes show; it was Interweave Press and Red Rock Press–small independent publishers who love looking for and presenting unique topics to buyers. This type of publicity cannot be bought… but it can certainly be enjoyed!

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