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Director’s Desk: Welcoming a New Team Member – Caitlin Walker

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by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association

Angela Bole

In this month’s Director’s Desk, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the IBPA team, our Administrative Assistant Caitlin Walker.

As most members know, it’s the helpful and knowledgeable office staff that bring an IBPA membership to life. I invite you to join me in welcoming Caitlin to her new position with IBPA where she’ll be first on hand to help answer your questions and guide you through the IBPA community.

Below Caitlin answers some get-to-know-you questions, but you should also feel free to reach out to her directly at caitlin@ibpa-online.org. She’s happy to help!

4 Questions for IBPA’s Caitlin Walker

Caitlin Walker

What were you doing before you joined IBPA?

“After graduating college, I spent a few years living in a handful of cities on the East Coast. I met lots of diverse people while experiencing different lifestyles and locations. My work included an internship at PEN American Center in New York City, a policy position at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and a slew of server and barista jobs. After taking a road trip across the country to get back to California, I spent the next few months freelance writing, modeling, and developing other creative projects.”

What made you want to work for an organization like IBPA?

“IBPA allows me to combine my passion for literature with my desire to help others in my community. I have so much admiration for the independent publishing community and believe that helping each other is the most essential thing we can do to ensure success. The cooperative spirit that IBPA embodies, its dedication to its members, and the hard work put in by everyone involved creates an organization that I am proud to be part of.”

Which IBPA projects are you most excited about?

“I am very excited to be attending Publishing University this year. After spending the last two months learning about and engaging with the IBPA community from our office, it will be wonderful to get to meet so many of our members in person. The event also embodies the connectedness that IBPA works to create, and I am looking forward to hearing our incredible list of speakers. Plus, I can’t wait for my first trip to Portland!”

Who inspires you?

“I’m inspired by everything from Yellowstone National Park to crowdfunded novels, Frida Kahlo to particularly clever memes. As I get older, empathy and action are two things that not only inspire me, but reassure me. The idea of kindness as a verb is something that resonates with me. I’m fascinated by other people and tend to make strong connections. My interpersonal relationships have given me the strength and inspiration I’ve needed to grow.”

Just before Angela Bole became IBPA’s Chief Executive Officer, she was Deputy Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG), which fosters conversation and consensus across all sectors of the book business. Before that, Angela served for two years as BISG’s Associate Director and two years as its Marketing and Communications Manager.

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