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by Lynn Rosen, IBPA Independent consulting editor

Lynn Rosen

BookTubing. It sounds like the perfect thing to do on your summer vacation, right?

Actually, BookTubers run the gamut of ages and backgrounds, as well as categories of books they like to read and dissect. And it seems clear that having a charming English accent doesn’t hurt one’s popularity. The host of “Thug Notes” (the perfect place to turn when you’ve tired of Cliffs), for example, who goes by “Sparky Sweets, Ph.D.,” shows that the most successful hosts have a penchant for performance. Type “Thug Notes Hamlet” into the YouTube search bar to find a particularly good explication of Hamlet.

Or there’s one that does a take on a song from the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton,” gathering several female BookTubers to play on the Schuyler sisters number from the show, turning it into “The BookTube Sisters.” The costumes, the singing, and the message are all top-notch. Type “BookTube Sisters Hamilton” in the YouTube search bar to find this one.

Finally, there’s a lovely piece that speculates what might be happening after hours in a bookstore when the doors are locked, the lights are down, and the books are left to their own devices. As this video makes evident, BookTubing is not for amateurs! One must have a firm grasp of both on- and off-screen skill and talent. Type “The Joy of Books” into Google; it’ll be the first YouTube video.

Who are your favorite BookTubers? We’d like to know! Email Lynn Rosen at lynn@openbookphilly.com.

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