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Linda Carlson, June 2012
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Spotlight Title Makes TV “Noted social work book became clue on game show Jeopardy!” is the headline on the Social Workers Speak blog post about what it calls its “Hollywood connection.” Showcasing a title by White Hat Communications that’s now in its fourth edition, the post continues, “Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 58 …

Linda Carlson, May 2012
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  Several IBPA members were cited in a Publishers Weekly Small Press Spotlight story that ran in March called “Catching the Digital Wave.” The story describes how sales of e-books boosted revenue for several smaller publishing companies, including Red Wheel Weiser Conari, where e-book sales increased 160 percent in 2011, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers, where they …

Linda Carlson, April 2012
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Spotlight Getting More from Good Publicity   Liz Jansen of Trillium Wordworks kicked off 2012 with a round of television and motorcycle show appearances. In Toronto, the Global TV Morning Show devoted almost six minutes to an interview with her and plugs both for her book, Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment, and for …

Linda Carlson, March 2012
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Spotlight Reviews That Should Weigh with Librarians Members who had books reviewed in recent issues of Library Journal include:   Demos Medical, for its fifth edition of Multiple Sclerosis: The Questions You Have, the Answers You Need, edited by Rosalind C. Kalb, described as “a most worthwhile resource for people with MS, their families and …

Linda Carlson, February 2012
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      SPOTLIGHT MAKING THE BEST BOOKS LISTS As we settle into 2012, hard at work to make our recent and upcoming releases financially successful and critically acclaimed, several smaller publishers are still basking in the recognition from year-end roundups of “best” books. The New York Times“notable books” lists for 2011 includes several titles …

Linda Carlson, January 2012
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      SPOTLIGHT PROMOTEDFOR PROTESTERS   Oh, Beautiful: An American Family in the 20th Century, written and published by John Paul Godges, is one of the titles recommended by the Huffington Post and the IndieReader in the list “7 Great Indie Books to Read Whilst You Occupy Wall Street.” “We thought we’d contribute to …

Linda Carlson, November 2011
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SPOTLIGHT . A TALEOF PRODUCTIVE TENACITY   The importance of taking the initiative, responding to interview requests, and following up with the media, especially after relevant events at home or abroad, is well illustrated by a string of events reported by Amelia Frahm, executive director of Nutcracker Publishing in Apex, NC. A couple of summers …

Linda Carlson , October 2011
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SPOTLIGHT HIGHLY VISIBLEVIA B&N Go to, select “Kids” from the menu on the left, and the pop-up list shows “Expert Circle” on the far right. One more click and you’ll see 16 early childhood professionals introduced with, “Want to encourage your child’s love of reading? Need help potty training? Want parenting tips on starting …

Linda Carlson, September 2011
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SPOTLIGHT LESSONSRE SCHOOL MARKETS Getting books into schools can mean A+ sales for publishers. Just look at the “report cards” from two members: Harvey House Publishing, which recently won a Catholic Press Association award for its Olivia’s Gift, sequel to the similarly honored Olivia and the Little Way, has gotten both books into Catholic school …

Linda Carlson , August 2011
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SPOTLIGHT BIG BUZZFOR BUSINESS BOOKSINA DIFFERENT FORM “Faster than a speeding bullet. Able to breeze through the densest business jargon in a single sitting. It’s not a bird or a plane but a new concept that has taken best-selling business books and transformed them into fully illustrated comic books,” in the words of a story …

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