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Linda Carlson, December 2013
Using Scribd »

Scribd soft-launched its streaming subscription plan early this year, and the plan recently got extensive publicity in the trade and business press because HarperCollins committed most of its backlist titles to the service. But independent publishers—including IBPA members—were already on board with sales or rental programs. So far, although Time magazine called one of “10 start-ups …

Selling Sidelines, November 2012
Selling Sidelines »

Selling Sidelines November 2012 by Linda Carlson Gifts, games, candy, and other nonbook items, which are important and higher-margin sources of revenue for booksellers, are increasingly important for book publishers too. Some publishers are selling merchandise that ties directly to their titles, with toy versions of children’s book characters the most common product. Others are …

Linda Carlson, September 2012
First Try a Trade Show: The Dogwise Success Story »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, Washington. She can be reached at The Woodward family got into publishing by going to the dogs, founder Charlene Woodward said with a laugh when we talked recently. But the Woodwards are all “small-d” dog people, she explained: “It’s our customers who are the ‘big …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Building the Business: “Special” Sales Are Normal – How Addicus Books Stays Healthy »

Building the Business “Special” Sales Are Normal: How Addicus Books Stays Healthy by Linda Carlson Rod Colvin has written his way from 30-second news spots to true crime to Straight Talk about Breast Cancer—and that was only the first half of his career as a writer and publisher. The common thread in Colvin’s professional life, …

Linda Carlson, July 2010
Pitching Books to Indie Stores and Libraries »

Most publishers want to sell through bookstores and libraries, but often when we’re promoting our titles to them, we focus on the marketing techniques that are most economical or most convenient for us as publishers, rather than on what these customers prefer. Sometimes we also assume that what works with the neighborhood bookseller and librarian, …

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