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David Wogahn, October 2012
Selling E-books Direct to Readers: Options and Considerations »

As the rules of publishing continue to be rewritten, selling digital products directly to consumers can offer a chance to improve margins, generate additional revenue through upselling, and learn more about your customers. And depending on the type of e-books you sell, it may give you more control over pricing. I often see publishers recoil …

Brian Jud, September 2012
Different Distribution Options »

Sales through nonbook retail outlets make a good many independent publishers profitable. These outlets include discount stores, airport stores, supermarkets, gift shops, specialty stores, pharmacies, and a long list of others. Each kind of store has an established distribution network, and publishers must work within it to get their books on the shelves. The goal, …

Linda Carlson, September 2012
First Try a Trade Show: The Dogwise Success Story »

Linda Carlson writes for IBPA’s Independent magazine from Seattle, Washington. She can be reached at The Woodward family got into publishing by going to the dogs, founder Charlene Woodward said with a laugh when we talked recently. But the Woodwards are all “small-d” dog people, she explained: “It’s our customers who are the ‘big …

James LaRue, September 2012
The Truth About E-books in Libraries »

As the director of the Douglas County, CO, Libraries, I spend a lot of time thinking about how libraries and publishers relate to each other, and about what might improve our interaction in the digital era. To start with, I think we librarians need to provide publishers with information like the following: Public libraries in …

Dana Lynn Smith, September 2012
Target Markets: Why and How to Define Multiple Markets for Every Book »

Target Markets: Why and How to Define Multiple Markets for Every Book September 2012 by Dana Lynn Smith   One of the most critical steps in developing an effective book marketing plan is identifying target markets. Since no book is “for everyone,” it’s important to figure out exactly who a particular book’s likely readers are. …

Tom Clarkson, July 2012
Courting Consumers Who Use Mobile Devices »

Tom Clarkson runs Cumberland Systems Review Group and chairs the Book Industry Study Group’s Machine Readable Coding Committee, which created the modules that are posted at and that served as the basis for this article. To reach him, email With more and more people using smartphones and other mobile devices to obtain information …

Linda Carlson, June 2012
Building the Business: “Special” Sales Are Normal – How Addicus Books Stays Healthy »

Building the Business “Special” Sales Are Normal: How Addicus Books Stays Healthy by Linda Carlson Rod Colvin has written his way from 30-second news spots to true crime to Straight Talk about Breast Cancer—and that was only the first half of his career as a writer and publisher. The common thread in Colvin’s professional life, …

Brian Jud, June 2012
Marketing in the White Space »

You know that market segmentation is a fundamental marketing technique, and you probably classify sales opportunities in terms of time-honored categories. But looking at the universe of buyers in a new way is likely to increase your sales, revenue, and profits. The figure to the right shows traditional segmentation of the market for a children’s …

Gordon Burgett, January 2012
Don’t Invest Until You Test: How to Find Out How Much You’d Make with a Niche Book (Before It Gets Written) »

  One of the huge benefits of niche publishing is that you can pretest to see if a book will sell (and roughly how many copies) before it exists. I backed into niche publishing about 15 years ago, and now most of my 40 published books are niche based. One field, dentistry, earned us about …

Roy M. Carlisle, November 2011
Saving Libraries: A Practical Proposal »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2011 by Roy M. Carlisle, Acquisitions Director, Independent Institute — My memory is vivid. I was peddling my old bicycle down State Street in Salem, OR. My basket was full of books, and they were due that day. My mother couldn’t drive me downtown to return the books because Dad took the car …

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