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Patricia Troyer, January 1997
11 Essential Things to Know Before You Go on the Radio »

1) First and most important, be sure your book is really suited to radio and/or television. Not every book is. The broader and more general interest oriented your title is, the better your chances of being invited as a guest. Or you must tightly target the radio market you’re going after. Why would a radio …

Curt Matthews, IPG/Chicago Review Press, January 1997
Sample Publicity Worksheet »

We have put together this basic information sheet to demystify the process of book publicity for our authors. It is designed to empower authors with some general knowledge of Chicago Review Press’s approach, to maximize your opportunities for working productively with our publicists, and to minimize misunderstandings and disappointment. Please remember that Chicago Review Press …

Robin Quinn, December 1996
When an Author’s Ready to Talk, Here’s How to Get Shows Listening »

The environment of radio and television talk shows is fast-paced, and competition for appearances intense. How can authors and publishers seize the attention of production staff responsible for booking guests? During a lunchtime presentation at PMA’s October Mini Publishing University in Los Angeles, associate producer John Downey III of NBC’s Leeza show and publisher Stephen …

Linda Donelson, Publisher, Coulsong, August 1996
ABA/PMA, Chicago 1996: »

What did you think of the ABA? This is the second year we’ve attended the convention, and for us the essence of the ABA will from this time on be associated with PMA. The PMA Publishing University was held this year at the Hyatt-Regency whose sky-lit, many-storied, inner courtyard invites you to toast and converse …

Gail E. Farrelly, June 1996
Building an Off-Line Web »

PUBLISHED JUNE 1996 by Gail E. Farrelly, Associate Professor of Accounting, Rutgers University Cyberspace experts tell us that the secret to a frequently accessed home page is the building of numerous links that entice searchers to visit your “home.” Using the same logic, authors can help with the marketing of their books-even off-line-by making use …

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