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Linda Carlson, September 2013
Endorsements, Part 1: Getting Comments to Spur Sales »

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 2013 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent SEE ALSO: Part 2 It may be not what your book says that sells it, but who says what about your book, to paraphrase that maxim about who you know being more important than what you know. And, not surprisingly, who you know helps you …

Linda Carlson, May 2013
Building Better Websites: Tips from a Through-and-Through Book Person »

As you’ve probably noticed, the recently transformed IBPA Website is sleek and clean and gives IBPA a new level of online sophistication—but there’s much more to it than aesthetics. Interestingly, the person responsible for giving the site 21st-century functionality got her start with books about 18th- and 19th-century art, furniture, and housewares, and she considers …

Linda Carlson, April 2012
Reviews: What About Formats and Fees? »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2012 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent The number of publications that publish book reviews has declined from even five years ago, and reviews that do get published are generally shorter now, as well as more likely to be syndicated in hundreds of papers. The result? It’s harder and harder to get …

Linda Carlson, March 2012
What to Do About Reviews (and Other Media Coverage) »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2012 by Linda Carlson, Staff Reporter, IBPA Independent Book reviews and author interviews have traditionally been goals of a book launch, and with a good publicity campaign, publishers expected at least a little media exposure—the author’s hometown paper and the appropriate industry and alumni publications at a minimum. For a niche title filling …

Linda Carlson, January 2012
Book Clubs, Part 3: Preparing and Performing »

Skype can be a great tool for visiting book clubs without leaving home, as long as you prepare carefully. Book Clubs Part 3: Preparing and Performing by Linda Carlson We all want our books to be steady sellers for years to come, and authors can contribute to that success with book club visits (among other …

Linda Carlson, December 2011
Book Clubs, Part 2: Identifying Groups to Approach »

Book Clubs, Part 2: Identifying Groups to Approach by Linda Carlson   This screen capture from novelist Meg Clayton’s Web site shows one of the ways she’s made the site book club–friendly. Book groups create buzz—and buzz helps sell books, sometimes years after they’re published. That’s why authors and others in publishing believe it’s often …

Linda Carlson, November 2011
Book Clubs, Part 1: The Benefits »

(See also: Part 2 and Part 3) Want to increase the buzz about a book? Want to get people talking, blogging, and hand-selling it? Two words: book clubs, those groups of friends and neighbors who sit down together every month or so to discuss a title they’ve all agreed to read. Even better, book clubs …

Linda Carlson, February 2010
Do You Know Who’s Using Your Content? Here are Some Tactics for Finding Out. »

Publishers and authors are seriously concerned that their content will be used without attribution and without payment now that anybody can do a quick online search to find—and sometimes appropriate–almost any kind of text or images. Some Web site developers, bloggers, and writers who “borrow” material are unaware they don’t have a legitimate right to …

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