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Tad Crawford, November 2012
“Dear Dead Author” and Better Ways of Getting Blurbs »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2012 by Tad Crawford, Founder, Allworth Press As the head of Allworth Press for 23 years and as the author of 14 nonfiction books, I often saw how important it is to gather blurbs for a new book. I know they lend credibility and may also help identify and connect to the audience …

Tad Crawford & Michael Madole, July 2001
Achieving More with Author Questionnaires »

Every author dreams of selling huge quantities of his or her creative opus. And every publisher shares this dream, although perhaps with greater realism. How can the author and publisher combine forces to generate the most sales? How does an effective promotional campaign begin? Where can you uncover the secrets that will help in reaching …

Tad Crawford, June 2001
Submitting My New Book to Me »

We all know that self-publishers often evolve into publishers who bring out books by other authors. In fact, lots of us have made this transition, including me. The process of turning back into a self-publisher is less well known and somehow suspect, because so many prominent editors and publishers choose to take their literary creations …

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