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Martin Shepard, October 2013
How Small Publishers Can Still Sell Books »

How Small Publishers Can Still Sell Good Books October 2013 by Martin Shepard What follows is what we at The Permanent Press have learned over the past 35 years when it comes to promoting and selling books, particularly the kinds of books we usually publish. Many of the things I mention may seem self-evident, but …

Chris Matthews, August 2013
Niches, Pseudoniches, and New Niches »

  Niches, Pseudoniches,                  and New Niches   August 2013 by Curt Matthews   To begin at the beginning, what exactly is a publishing niche? It is one of the “20 Habits of Successful Independent Publishers” (as mentioned in my article with that title, available via, and defining it negatively, even if that is not …

Joel Friedlander, May 2013
Essential Navigation Aids »

Picture this: you pick up a book and open it, only to discover that every page is exactly the same, a tall rectangle of text extending close to the edge of the page and without interruption. There are no spaces between paragraphs because there are no paragraphs, no chapters, no page numbers, no running heads, …

Angela Bole, March 2013
Using BISAC Subject Headings »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2013 by Angela Bole, Deputy Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group — Publishers need to be able to assign the correct BISAC Subject Heading (or more than one heading) to each book because organizations across the publishing supply chain use BISAC headings to determine where books are shelved in bricks-and-mortar stores and what …

Laura Pepper Wu, February 2013
Author Websites: Eight Common Missed Opportunities (and What to Do About Them) »

Recently I sent a survey to authors I work with through my book studio. The survey asked if the author has an author Website, why the author has a Website, and what the author uses the site for. The results surprised me. An author’s Website can be a fantastic tool if and when it is …

John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro, December 2012
Going Mobile Is Critical for Success »

John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro are managing partners with the Internet technology company Globe On-Demand, LLC. This article is derived from their new book, Niche Dominance: Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos. To learn more: It’s no secret that the mobile revolution is truly upon us, both as consumers and …

Tad Crawford, November 2012
“Dear Dead Author” and Better Ways of Getting Blurbs »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2012 by Tad Crawford, Founder, Allworth Press As the head of Allworth Press for 23 years and as the author of 14 nonfiction books, I often saw how important it is to gather blurbs for a new book. I know they lend credibility and may also help identify and connect to the audience …

Tanya Hall, July 2012
Content Chunking for Nonfiction: Why, What, How »

PUBLISHED JULY 2012 by Tanya Hall, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Greenleaf Book Group — Material you already have within the pages of a forthcoming book can become an arsenal of content that serves you across multiple platforms before, at, and after publication day. Here’s a look at a few ways to make content …

Deltina Hay, May 2012
Make the Mobile Web Work for You »

Deltina Hay, a regular contributor to Technorati and, is the professor of Drury University’s online graduate social media certificate course. This article is based on her new book, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web: Practical Plans to Get Your Business Mobile in Just a Few Days for Just a Few Bucks, released this …

Andre Breedt and David Walter, April 2012
The Link Between Metadata and Sales »

PUBLISHED APRIL 2012 by Andre Breedt and David Walter, Nielsen BookScan — Perhaps more than any other industry the book trade is reliant on sharing product data in order to function efficiently. With the massive variety of products available the ISBN has been central to the industry for generations, and attaching accurate and appropriate information …

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