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Lee Wilson, July 2006
How to Make Smart Fair-Use Decisions: Learn the Law and Apply the Examples »

As the recent furor over Google’s digitization project indicates, the application of the law regarding “fair use” of copyrights depends greatly on the specific facts in any situation. In fact, two situations that are identical except for one circumstance may lead to opposite results, with one amounting to fair use of a copyrighted work while …

Curt Matthews, June 2006
Truth or Consequences »

Curt Matthews (photo right) is CEO of Independent Publishers Group and Chicago Review Press, Inc. Some years ago, a tourist wandering around a huge wine-storage facility in Bordeaux discovered a sign on a section of it that said “Good Enough for America.” When this discovery hit the news, American wine consumers were outraged, and the consequences for the French …

Lloyd J. Jassin, April 2006
First Amendment Activities Update »

  Along with the Association of American Publishers, the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, and many other industry groups, PMA is a member of the Media Coalition, an association that defends the First Amendment right to produce and sell books, magazines, recordings, videotapes, and videogames; and also defends the American public’s First Amendment right …

Reid Goldsborough, February 2006
Legal Limits of Web Links »

If interactivity is the defining characteristic of the Internet in general, linking is the defining characteristic of the Web in particular. By creating hypertext documents and including links to related information within or outside their sites, people can greatly multiply the information they provide.   Anybody who uses the Web becomes quickly aware of these …

Florrie Binford Kichler, December 2005
East Meets Midwest: A Publisher’s China Journal »

With a population of 1 billion, a literacy rate of 84 percent, and a publishing industry that is exploding, China has been touted on one hand as the final frontier for American book publishers, and on the other hand as the piracy capital of the universe. Where does the truth lie, and could there be …

Reid Goldsborough, November 2005
Blogging and the Law »

One of the more curious of the Internet’s recent brainchildren is the blog. These public online Web logs, or diaries, have gotten a lot of attention lately for letting ordinary people air their views about personal, even private, matters to anyone interested.   There’s a fair amount of self-absorption in the blogging movement, despite the …

Jenny McCune, November 2005
Glimpsing the Future of Google Print Library »

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2005 by Jenny McCune — Libraries are normally quiet places of study. Google Print Library doesn’t fit that description. Loud cries of protest about the program have been audible for a while, and now Google finds itself the defendant in a lawsuit. Working with the Authors Guild, three writers sued Google in late …

Jonathan Kirsch, March 2005
The Brave New World of Google Print »

Google is the world’s largest Internet search engine–but the Internet apparently does not contain enough content to satisfy its appetite. To provide ever-greater searchable databases for Google users, the so-called Google Print program will make available the entire collections of several vast libraries, including the New York Public Library and the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, …

Lee Wilson, August 2004
Getting Permissions »

Lawyer Lee Wilson has written several books on intellectual-property law, including The Copyright Guide: A Friendly Guide to Protecting and Profiting from Copyrights, and Fair Use, Free Use, and Use By Permission: How to Handle Copyrights in All Media, both published by Allworth Press. She lives and works in Nashville. Although copyright law does not …

Paul Aiken, August 2004
When an Agent Wants a Never-ending Deal »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2004 by Paul Aiken, Execuitve Director, Authors Guild Paul Aiken is the executive director of the Authors Guild. This article is adapted from an e-mail advisory sent to Guild members. For further information, visit Certain literary agencies include an “interminable agency” clause in their agreements with clients and/or in the book-publishing contracts …

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