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Reid Goldsborough, February 2006
Legal Limits of Web Links »

If interactivity is the defining characteristic of the Internet in general, linking is the defining characteristic of the Web in particular. By creating hypertext documents and including links to related information within or outside their sites, people can greatly multiply the information they provide.   Anybody who uses the Web becomes quickly aware of these …

Reid Goldsborough, November 2005
Blogging and the Law »

One of the more curious of the Internet’s recent brainchildren is the blog. These public online Web logs, or diaries, have gotten a lot of attention lately for letting ordinary people air their views about personal, even private, matters to anyone interested.   There’s a fair amount of self-absorption in the blogging movement, despite the …

Reid Goldsborough, November 2003
Savvy Computing:
Don’t Become a Victim of Identity Theft »

Imagine having your bank account drained, being unable to use your credit cards, and seeing your credit rating trashed. Imagine then spending hour after hour trying to clear your good name and get your life back together. Identity theft is the number-one consumer complaint reported to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Database. An estimated …

Reid Goldsborough, May 2001
Ward Off Internet Legal Woes »

As the Internet becomes ever more integrated into the economy, the old club atmosphere has given way to a more adversarial environment. While some disputes are still resolved by discussion and consensus, you’re more and more likely to see someone call in the lawyers. Legal battles are nothing new to the larger computer world. Some …

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