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Linda Carlson, March 2014
Bringing Books Back, Part 3: A Guide to the Learning Curve »

Bringing Books Back, Part 3: A Guide to the Learning Curve March 2014 by Linda Carlson Whether you wrote the book or someone else did, reissuing a title that another publisher has let go out of print may sound like a way to short-circuit much of the work of acquisition, editing, and design—and possibly even …

Linda Carlson, February 2014
Bringing Books Back, Part 2: When Authors Want to Republish »

February 2014 by Linda Carlson Authors Acquiring Rights As you know from Part 1 of this series (January), some IBPA members have created perennial bestsellers from titles that had languished with their original publishers, having met the challenges of acquiring rights from companies that are still active, acquiring rights held by companies that closed long …

Linda Carlson, January 2014
Bringing Books Back, Part 1: IBPA Members Report on Getting Rights to Previously Published Titles »

January 2014 by Linda Carlson Being able to get books ready for release without the expenses of editing, copy editing, and design—and sometimes without any investment in printing—is among the reasons that many authors and new publishers are reissuing out-of-print titles. The number of quality titles being abandoned by larger publishers, the creative and continuing …

Linda Carlson, October 2010
Chunking, Part 2: Rights and Apps for Bits and Pieces »

Linda Carlson (photo right) — writes from Seattle for IBPA’s Independent magazine each month. Found money. That’s one way to describe content that you sell more than once. “Chunking, and Other New Ways to Get More from What You’ve Got” (September) focused on how independent publishers are repackaging material they have already published, or …

Linda Carlson, February 2010
Do You Know Who’s Using Your Content? Here are Some Tactics for Finding Out. »

Publishers and authors are seriously concerned that their content will be used without attribution and without payment now that anybody can do a quick online search to find—and sometimes appropriate–almost any kind of text or images. Some Web site developers, bloggers, and writers who “borrow” material are unaware they don’t have a legitimate right to …

Linda Carlson, May 2009
Rights Snafus: Ways to Keep Authors in Tune with Contract Provisions »

      Rights Snafus: Ways to Keep Authors in Tune with Contract Provisions by Linda Carlson How can you protect the material you’ve published from missteps by authors who exercise rights that belong to you? Jonathan Kirsch and Lloyd Rich, two attorneys who work often with IBPA members, recommend being vigilant about monitoring both …

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