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Curt Matthews & Mike Shatzkin, July 2011
E-book “Sales” and Splits »

In “Why You Can’t Actually Sell an E-book” (May), Mike Shatzkin argues that e-books are really licenses rather than physical objects, and should therefore be treated like the other license-like elements typically found in a publisher/author agreement—serial rights, book clubs, paperbacks (I assume Shatzkin means mass market paperbacks), and so forth. He certainly is right …

Curt Matthews, June 2006
Truth or Consequences »

Curt Matthews (photo right) is CEO of Independent Publishers Group and Chicago Review Press, Inc. Some years ago, a tourist wandering around a huge wine-storage facility in Bordeaux discovered a sign on a section of it that said “Good Enough for America.” When this discovery hit the news, American wine consumers were outraged, and the consequences for the French …

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