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Linda Carlson, April 2014
Murder, He Wrote: Grove Point Press Builds a One-Author Publishing Program »

Murder, He Wrote: Grove Point Press Builds a One-Author Publishing Program April 2014 by Linda Carlson Chris Fischer has a problem. His father and business partner, Peter S. Fischer, turns out mysteries so fast that fans don’t have to wait for the next novel. “You need the anticipation of the next adventure: you want to enjoy …

Angela Bole, April 2014
Director’s Desk: Indie Communities as Contexts Change »

A small San Francisco–based book conference has been slowly making its mark over the past several years. It’s called Books in Browsers—BiB for short—and, according to conference organizer Peter Brantley, it was developed based on the premise that digital technology “lowers barriers for entry into new forms of publishing, enabling a range of experiences in …

IBPA Members, March 2014
IBPA Roundtable: Revelations from Readers: Part 2 »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Judith Appelbaum, Editor, IBPA Independent A Note from the Editor: Direct contact with readers is a big plus for independent publishers. When just a few people do the work that large houses parcel out to editorial departments and marketing departments and publicity departments and design departments and production departments and finance …

Angela Bole, March 2014
Director’s Desk: Why, What, and How: Members Talk About the Publishing They Do »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — At IBPA, we love to know about our members. We’re curious about what you publish and what means success to you. Our motto, “Helping Each Other Achieve and Succeed,” means that we’re also interested in connecting you to each other so you can …

Linda Carlson, February 2014
Serving Several Niches: The North Star Story »

Serving Several Niches: The North Star Story February 2014 by Linda Carlson Brenda Avadian says she shudders when she has to talk numbers, but she has figures to brag about when it comes to direct sales: 75 to 90 percent. The publisher at the Los Angeles–area North Star Books has another impressive number: 100 percent …

IBPA Members, February 2014
IBPA Roundtable: Revelations from Readers: Part 1 »

February 2014 Revelations from Readers “What good are readers?” is one of those questions that seem to demand a response, like “How much time do you have?” For sure, readers mean book sales and book sales mean money and money means being able to do more books and get them into the hands and minds …

Angela Bole, February 2014
Director’s Desk: Hang Onto the Thrills, Strengthen the Skills »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — When you have a job like mine, you spend a lot of time looking at budget spreadsheets and discussing strategies and tactics and bottom lines. I don’t necessarily mind this. I have a strong attraction to order and rather enjoy seeing things line …

Rod Colvin, January 2014
Sharing Expertise: The Legacy of Betty Wright »

I’ve been a publisher for 20 years now, but I never would have become a publisher—or a published author—without the help of Betty Wright. When she died in October, the independent publishing community lost a luminary. For a long time to come, I and many others will continue to benefit from the shining example of …

Curt Matthews, January 2014
The Secret of Our Success: Chicago Review Press »

The publishing company that my wife, Linda, and I started 40 years ago recently had an anniversary party for itself, its authors, and for the Chicago media. In its first year, 1973, Chicago Review Press published two titles. Now we publish 60 to 65 titles per year, and in the 2013 calendar year we sold …

Angela Bole, January 2014
Director’s Desk: Building the Future »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — Happy New Year! It’s January, and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. This is the month when you can’t find an open treadmill at the gym no matter how early you arrive. When more than one friend tells you, “I’m shutting down …

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