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Angela Bole, October 2014
Director’s Desk: Engaging with Your Can-do Communities »

At IBPA, we’re proud to provide professional association services to our 3,000 members. We believe independently published books have the power to transform society for the better, and we work hard every day to find more ways to help our members’ books shine. Of course you know that I think IBPA membership is a smart …

Angela Bole, September 2014
Director’s Desk: What You Need to Know from the Get-go »

Although members call and e-mail the IBPA office requesting advice of every shape and size, there is a common theme that runs through many of the questions that could be boiled down like so: It was fairly easy, technologically speaking, to make my book available for purchase. Now what? At the core of this theme …

Angela Bole, August 2014
Director’s Desk: Making the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards™ Even Better »

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association In this month’s Director’s Desk I want to update you on some changes we’ve made in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards™ program. As most of you know, the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards™ were launched 26 years ago and represent one of the highest honors …

Angela Bole, July 2014
Director’s Desk: Playing Big »

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones lately. When I began as IBPA’s executive director nearly a year ago, I was living in New York City near friends and neighbors I’d known for over a decade. I walked really fast and had a $15 a day Starbucks habit. Maybe I walked really fast because …

Angela Bole, June 2014
Director’s Desk: Getting to Know You »

“Who are the IBPA members?” When our newest employee—Molly Farragher, project coordinator/member benefits specialist—jumped into her first day last month with both feet, this was one of the first questions she asked. As soon as she did, I was fully convinced we’d made a good hire. There are two reasons to ask that question. The …

Angela Bole, May 2014
Director’s Desk: A New Portal for Industry Know-How »

Happy spring! If you’re like people throughout most of the country, I bet you’re excited to be climbing out of one of the longest and coldest winters we’ve seen in a while. Spring is a time for freshening up and knocking down cobwebs. How about using your welcome boost of sunny energy to reengage with …

Angela Bole, April 2014
Director’s Desk: Indie Communities as Contexts Change »

A small San Francisco–based book conference has been slowly making its mark over the past several years. It’s called Books in Browsers—BiB for short—and, according to conference organizer Peter Brantley, it was developed based on the premise that digital technology “lowers barriers for entry into new forms of publishing, enabling a range of experiences in …

Angela Bole, March 2014
Director’s Desk: Why, What, and How: Members Talk About the Publishing They Do »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — At IBPA, we love to know about our members. We’re curious about what you publish and what means success to you. Our motto, “Helping Each Other Achieve and Succeed,” means that we’re also interested in connecting you to each other so you can …

Angela Bole, February 2014
Director’s Desk: Hang Onto the Thrills, Strengthen the Skills »

PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — When you have a job like mine, you spend a lot of time looking at budget spreadsheets and discussing strategies and tactics and bottom lines. I don’t necessarily mind this. I have a strong attraction to order and rather enjoy seeing things line …

Angela Bole, January 2014
Director’s Desk: Building the Future »

PUBLISHED JANUARY 2014 by Angela Bole, CEO, Independent Book Publishers Association — Happy New Year! It’s January, and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. This is the month when you can’t find an open treadmill at the gym no matter how early you arrive. When more than one friend tells you, “I’m shutting down …

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