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Florrie Binford Kichler, June 2009
President’s Report: Of Penguins, Publishers, and Change »

      PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Florrie Binford Kichler Of Penguins, Publishers, and Change After 35 months of doing my best to be relevant, reasonably entertaining, and somewhat educational in these columns, it’s time for the big finish—the final column that will sum up the sometimes chaotic, always rewarding, and constantly challenging experience of leading …

Polly Andersen, May 2008
Get Set for Success at Frankfurt »

PUBLISHED MAY 2008 by Polly Andersen, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Meadowbrook Press What makes your publishing house stand out? Its line of new titles? Its key accounts? Its cutting-edge packaging or prestigious authors? In terms of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the answer to that question is simple: It has to be you. Having …

Jan Nathan, December 2003
Director’s Desk: Amazon, Frankfurt, and the Benjamin Franklin™ Awards »

PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2003 by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association (currently IBPA) Why Overpay Amazon? Ever since sent many of our members a document that requires them to offer a 60 to 65 percent discount, my phones have been ringing off the hook. Talking with callers, I began to wonder. How come PMA …

Don Tubesing, October 2003
President’s Report: Plans & Projects for the Year Ahead »

I’m pleased to report that PMA is in great shape. At the first meeting of the new fiscal year, held in August, the Board of Directors welcomed new members, reviewed the status of current PMA programs, reassigned committee responsibilities, and set priorities for the next 12 months. By every measure, PMA continues to do an …

Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director, March 2000
22 Things to Do for Small Press Month »

PUBLISHED MARCH 2000 by Jan Nathan, Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association (PMA) — Contact your local bookstore or library and suggest they put together a special display for Small Press Month. You can obtain posters and bookmarks from PMA. Order from Suggest that your local bookstore offer a discount on small press titles this …

Florrie Binford Kichler, July 1999
PMA Unveils New Dispute-Resolution Program »

Beginning August 1, 1999, PMA will offer a new Dispute Resolution Program with the help of a member publisher. This member is a trained arbitrator and wants to “give something back” to the organization that helped him in his company’s formative years. The program is designed to assist PMA members who are in trade disputes …

Florrie Binford Kichler, October 1998
Publisher’s Liability Insurance »

Not sure why you should consider buying publisher’s liability insurance?Read these claim examples. A reporter disputed statements published in a book regarding his involvement with a terrorist group. The reporter filed suit for libel against the publisher. Defense costs of $322,000 incurred. Insurance needed: Publisher’s liability which provides coverage for libel. The owner of a …

Kent Sturgis, April 1998
Do You Have Disability Insurance? »

In independent publishing, our limited time and resources seem to be devoted to keeping the company healthy, and too often we neglect to consider the consequences of personal health problems. Many of us have basic health insurance, but if we are considering additional coverage, too often we think about dental coverage before disability. Yet when …

Jan Nathan, February 1997
Introducing Nancy & Don Tubesing Whole Person Associates/Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers »

In an effort to assist PMA members in learning some of the tricks of the trade used by surviving publishing companies, I have decided to interview PMA members and share some of their thoughts, failures, and successes with you. Yes, even the successful ones have failures along the way. This month, we’re introducing two companies …

., January 1997
New PMA Board Member Appointed »

Nominated to fill the University Press chair vacated by Don Ellegood, University of Washington Press, is Nicholas S. Weir-Williams, Director of the Northwestern University Press. Ellegood retired this year from the University of Washington Press after many years of actively building and enhancing the line of books produced at this university press. Weir-Williams will fill …

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