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IBPA Members, June 2014
IBPA Roundtable: The Flip Side of Failure »

  Since Publishers Said No — Submitted by Ruth Donald, Proud Horse Publishing, Like many other fiction writers who dream of having their novels published, I started out by going the traditional route. When I wrote my first Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery back in the mid-’90s, there were only three options: Query agents or …

IBPA Members, February 2014
IBPA Roundtable: Revelations from Readers: Part 1 »

February 2014 Revelations from Readers “What good are readers?” is one of those questions that seem to demand a response, like “How much time do you have?” For sure, readers mean book sales and book sales mean money and money means being able to do more books and get them into the hands and minds …

Shelley Case, Kirt Manecke, Jerry Craft, Rose Rosetree, June Greig, Doug Breeze, Perry Louis Fields, Tamara Veitch, Arlene Miller, Tanya J. Peterson, Michelle Waits, August 2013
Books In Action, Part 4 »

Books in Action, Part 4   How is that book doing? Ask the question of somebody in a large publishing house, and the answer you get is likely to feature numbers the house uses to keep score (that book sold so-and-so many copies; that book hasn’t earned out its $XX,XXX advance). But if you ask …

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